2016 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Trail 2016 GMC Canyon Duramax Diesel 2 days ago   06:48

Gold Pony
In this one I get to take for a spin the 2016 Colorado Z71 Trail Boss! Also, of course I'll throw in some revs and show the exterior, interior, engine bay, truck bed & more...Hope you like!

Big thanks to Apple Chevrolet in York, PA for allowing me to check out the NEW 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Trail Boss! For more information on their inventory please feel free to check out the link below.


Intro Song: "Dirt Road Anthem" by Brantley Gilbert

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Was that a key I saw? A key fob and a key?
James Estrada
Sounds like a leaf blower...
why anyone would buy an extended cab and not a crew is unbelievable. And that chin strap is still on there? you might mention that the upsale nurf bars are $750. ...epic fail.
Kori Whitchurch
you call driving through a field off road really and watching you i didnt see how fast it jumped up to speed must be to much plastic on it to take it off road
ugly..and girly lookin but what do you expect from government motors
Jerry Kokich
Hi! Did you do any sound equalizing for the interior segments? It sounds really quiet! How would you compare it to a compact sedan?
Oblivion void
terrible person to present this! D-BAG
The future is here. Unveiling the warthog.
Brandon I
The only thing I like about the trail boss is the roll bar. I think if you were going to pick the trail boss or the Diesel colorado I would pick the diesel because it comes with an axle lock.
Is it 4x4 or 4x2?
What's the price on this truck?
Troll Hunter
picking me one up soon love this bad boy
Good review. Just got a Trail Boss with the DuraMax. Feels like you are in a big truck until you pull up to a full size pickup. But a perfect size to maneuver in today's traffic. But it rides like you are in a big truck - heavy. Upgraded stereo sounds great but not if you are into real bass music. Found the seats to be a bit tight and they had room to make them bigger. But that light bar and LED lights really set the truck off along with those Good Year tires. Quality is better than expected as Chevy is stepping up their game. The interior just grows on you. I think Chevy really found a nitch.
If i were to picture what trucks look like in 29 years with limited manufacturing supplies and resources this is exactly what id expect.
Hey ,you talk like John Travolta. "Dont hit my hair" " I hate when he hits my hair" from Saturday Night Fever
John McPherson
Just bought one last Friday full cab not the extended. It is a sweet ride and handles exceptionally well. It's a great truck inside and out and definitely a head turner.
Tony Bertalan
From a former Chevy and Ford owner just go with the Tacoma TRD 4x4. Reliability,reliability, reliability is the most important thing. Fact the truck will outlast any chevy or Ford product.
Tacoma is amazing off road truck as well as a highway truck.
He never took the truck off road in the video.He only drove it in a field of grass.
my wife's corral can do that.
Old timer
If you are going to review an off road truck then take it off road not some grassy flat spot ya? also, you didn't mention anything about its true off road capabilities. Does it have true locking differentials? What's the maximum clearance, approach and departure angles, torque spec's, what makes this rig anything other than just another flash in the pan, made for the urban jungle, all show no go, weak 4x4? Camera shots were pretty good and you're not to shabby on camera but more information would be nice. Thanks.
Nam Hải
hey buddy this car with gas engine or diesel engine?
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