UN climate change conference 2018 POLAND, how is it getting RICH? - VisualPolitik 2 months ago   06:38

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Representatives from around 200 nations have gathered for the UN climate talks in Poland. The summit comes against a backdrop of dire environmental warnings and a call for action against the threats posed by climate change.
Delegates will seek ways of implementing commitments made in the 2015 Paris treaty to limit the rise of global temperatures. The city of Katowice is playing host to the most important talks on global warming in years, but Poland itself is still committed to using fossil fuels such as coal.

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I can't wait until all these people like "scam" die of the effects
Marys Mik
Please don´t fight against CO2 or sunshine otherwise pensioners living on photosynthesis would die!!!
OmegaKiara Morningstar
Nothing to stop it now 😣
Ever notice that all the people that show up for these "climate change" events, all came by; Bus, Car or Airplane? And speaking of climate change, what do they intend to do about "China and India, the worse polluter on the planet, after all we do breath the same air as they do.
Charlie Charlie
Can someone explain how the forming of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, etc. by climate change, 10,000 years ago, was good; but now climate change isn't?
Andrew Paczuski
There is a generation of Obama schooled climate warming faithful
who will give their milk tooth or two in defense of CO2 that pollutes
their planet. Our planet likes CO2, the more the better. Plants love
it too. My idea of  being green is to breath on my plants an
alarmingly high 40,000PPM exhaust at a close quarters and see them
grow big and happy. Humans, along with all beasts and cattle, produce
2.2 pounds of CO2 a day at a the same catastrophic 100 fold
concentration from the ambient 400PPM. Back to the nature groupies
need to visit Africa and have their cooking fueled with dried cow
cakes, no light, and live to the ripe old age of 43.
Alan Wood
People flying around the world to gather en masse to tell us how bad flying is for the planet. That message that they're actively trying to destroy the planet.
Peter Rasch
This whole climate ruse is just too complicated and inconvenient.
I suggest we all simply hole up in our apartments, turn up the air conditioning, and order pizza, as needed. Oh, and read the Bible until Jesus' return.
Frosty Chicken
Lol, we're all going to die.
David Buckel - the greatest, most committed eco-loon the world has ever known. Yes, David wiped out his own so-called 'carbon footprint' in an instant. Go out the David Buckel way today and 'save the earth' while doing so. Research: David Buckel.
Can we worry about the mass immigration and replacement in Europe first before climate change..oh wait you want mass immigration and more money for you I forgot.
Man can’t limit temperature swings either way...for goodness sake!! The SUN drives our climate.
Lyyli MacDonald
Why don’t they try taxing the 8 families that have half the worlds wealth in their control? Oh yeah they just gave them another big tax cut in USA , allow them to use trust funds from London and control the university’s and the media. Good thing they just cut the EPA in USA to nothing and took away. Funding for electric cars. Now they will try and start a war somewhere to distract the public!
Bob Papadopoulos
Do boju, my coal mining Polish cousins. From a Polish miner in Virginia, stay strong!
rae rancie
Yes people are dying now, of cold because renewables are too expensive, 7,000 extra in the UK alone
Charles Frogg
Should have cut the power to the UN climate change conference by 80% to see how the delegates survived in low temperatures.
Hildebeast Clinton
2800 nuclear detonations around the earth from 1945 to 2009. Of these 530 were atmospheric. The Soviet TSAR bomb was equivalent to 50 MT of TNT. The damage to the atmosphere was never measured and these factors are not even considered in Climate Science. Carbon is life and governments are using politics to control dumb people and tax them. Climate Science is 80% political, 15% science and 5% emotional nonsense. The same governments holding you accountable for their sloppy testing.
Washington Strong arm
Climate change is the biggest hoax in history !
Sonya Bhatti
It's so unfortunate, all the politicians over the age of 50 will leave the world, we then are the ones who have to face the consequences. There should be a rule if you are not going to be here in 20-30 years you can't make the laws and regulations!
steve waddington
like to see all these protesters protesting when the climate tax is being asked from them
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POLAND, how is it getting RICH? - VisualPolitik UN climate change conference 2018 2 months ago   13:17

Poland was the country that suffered the most from Second World War. However, today things have changed. Poland has been growing uninterruptedly for 25 years and not even the great crises of 2008 and 2009 managed to stop them.

In today's video we’ll tell you how Poland managed to escape from poverty and how it’s is managing to become a kind of new Germany. Don’t miss it!

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