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Representatives from around 200 nations have gathered for the UN climate talks in Poland. The summit comes against a backdrop of dire environmental warnings and a call for action against the threats posed by climate change.
Delegates will seek ways of implementing commitments made in the 2015 Paris treaty to limit the rise of global temperatures. The city of Katowice is playing host to the most important talks on global warming in years, but Poland itself is still committed to using fossil fuels such as coal.

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rae rancie
Yes people are dying now, of cold because renewables are too expensive, 7,000 extra in the UK alone
Charles Frogg
Should have cut the power to the UN climate change conference by 80% to see how the delegates survived in low temperatures.
Hildebeast Clinton
2800 nuclear detonations around the earth from 1945 to 2009. Of these 530 were atmospheric. The Soviet TSAR bomb was equivalent to 50 MT of TNT. The damage to the atmosphere was never measured and these factors are not even considered in Climate Science. Carbon is life and governments are using politics to control dumb people and tax them. Climate Science is 80% political, 15% science and 5% emotional nonsense. The same governments holding you accountable for their sloppy testing.
Washington Strong arm
Climate change is the biggest hoax in history !
Sonya Bhatti
It's so unfortunate, all the politicians over the age of 50 will leave the world, we then are the ones who have to face the consequences. There should be a rule if you are not going to be here in 20-30 years you can't make the laws and regulations!
smirky bulldog
like to see all these protesters protesting when the climate tax is being asked from them
Bromley John John
Waste of time and money go to China and have a look there
Bourbon& Bullets
Steven Guegens
It's all about rich western civilized countries !!!! giving money to BLUDGING arab/muslim and african countries
Michael Collins
Massive scam to take even more taxes off the people .
Just tie all of the political members to those smokey stacks until they beg for mercy:)
karenza sandry
how are we going to stop a volcano from erupting? that is equal to 10 years of carbon emissions for the whole planet by its self
karenza sandry
you heard her 100 billion dollars from the USA that is what its all about ripping off the USA TRUMP said come up with a deal that is fair to the USA and he would look at it...oh no they don't want to do that
karenza sandry
the conference isn't about climate change but to bring to global government and ripping off the USA come up with a plan that doesn't rip off the USA....oh no they don't want to do that
jad wehbe
NOT UNTIL 2050 to close the coal mines in Poland WOWWW SOMEONE DOESNT CARE
Janno Puka
This is carnival not climate change...
NO Expectations
Why is the weather changing on other planets is that because of man made global warming?. These people are scam artists using the carbon tax to rob third world countries and you people endorse this?. They pick the most stupid people to ask questions mainly the brainwashed millennials.
Wilbert Robichaud
I am looking for the drivers of the warming, not the consequences. The Comic Asterix le Gaulois " Le Devin" is like the GOP24 and AGW believers. At 16:00 the Devin or the Charlatan, tell the scared tribe he can predict the Climate by reading Fish entrails. The Fish is the science and the Devin the IPCC. Take a quick look at 16:00 and the reaction is identical to this AGW or Climate change . https://up-tube.com/upvideo/2TPmaKn6MIN&g=952f
TR Was Here
Mr. Trump, We the People hereby award you the Order of the Yellow Vest for plunging the fatal stake into the heart of this global scam.
mark haas
Human beings produce Carbon Dioxide every single time they EXHALE ( which plants surely appreciate since they build their food from it ). I think that in order to be consistent with their warped ideology Bernie Sanders, Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other Climate Changers like them should stop the practice of BREATHING immediately. At the very least, Leftist politicians and celebrities should limit their flights to once per year to avoid looking like hypocrites. I've only flown in a jet twice in the last 10 years, and I'm a Global Warming SKEPTIC . Guess what? There's this great new technology called TELE-CONFERENCING which doesn't produce any plant-food ( I mean CO2) at all. Look into it, Bernie.
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POLAND, how is it getting RICH? - VisualPolitik UN climate change conference 2018 1 day ago   13:17

Poland was the country that suffered the most from Second World War. However, today things have changed. Poland has been growing uninterruptedly for 25 years and not even the great crises of 2008 and 2009 managed to stop them.

In today's video we’ll tell you how Poland managed to escape from poverty and how it’s is managing to become a kind of new Germany. Don’t miss it!

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