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Religions And Babies | Hans Rosling | - At Up-Tube.com

Religions and babies | Hans Rosling 4 months ago   13:21

http://www.ted.com Hans Rosling had a question: Do some religions have a higher birth rate than others -- and how does this affect global population growth? Speaking at the TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar, he graphs data over time and across religions. With his trademark humor and sharp insight, Hans reaches a surprising conclusion on world fertility rates.

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William Kiene
Bill Gates is sterilizing the poor......in Africa.
Craig Pender
Beautifully put!
Raj Bodepudi
Islamic population growth, though, is incorrectly represented
Bangladesh and Quatar both has Islam as a religion. Please compare the rest of the religions to those two.
I never even thought to think of this, but quite intriguing. Glad someone did the research. :D
Where’s Judaism?
"We have reached Peak Child"
i'd say the extremely overpopulating countries start having only 1 kid only till they're no longer in the damn billions!!!
for a place like america (~0.3 billion) keep having as many kids as you want. forget letting "refuges" take over as majority.
sorting out population is most responsible for the majority of the overpopulating people. not the lowest repopulating group(s) to do. they've already been doing their part naturally. heck, there's a reason there's room for so many "refuges".

it's not complicated math. i'll do it for them.

so there's 7 billion of us, and 2 billion are kids.
so that means 5 billion of us are lingering. (the kids are growing up and replacing themselves. and then becoming left overs)

we live to around 80.
lets say the kids only repopulated 2 kids at 24.

so that means +24 years = +2 billion

after 48 years that's 4 billion
after 72 years that's 6 billion
after 80 years that's 6.6 billion

about everyone that used to be around has died off.

so in that contrived reality, we could decrease from 7 billion to 6.6 billion easy. only have 2 kids only after 24 years of age.
it's an easy rule. 3rd world governments could surely give it's people some benefits for doing so.

heck, even if we did... +20 years = +2 billion.
40y, 60y, 80y = 4, 6, 8 billion.
we'd only increase to 8 billion.

having over 2 kids increases the primary population. having kids younger brings more generations together.

in reality we're having more than 2 kids (actually increasing population) and some at younger ages (raising the excess)

if we repopulate at 1/4 our life cycle (20y) there'll be 4 times more of us around. (2b kids x 4 = 8b people)
if we repopulate at 1/5 our life cycle (16y) there'll be 5 times more of us around. (2b kids x 5 = 10b people)

but i don't think we'd all be having 2 kids at 16y.
unless that's what they do in the 3rd world? child marriages? grooming gangs? multiple wives? etc.

if we're ever too over populated (like china) then we can go for 1 kid only.
we have no need for that yet. heck, clearly if they're bringing in refuges!
J. P.
This is false, there is conclusive data that shows that conservative or fundamentalist practitioners of a religion have higher fertility, looking solely at religious affiliation won't reveal anything useful as it's too broad and his graph actually reveal that GDP was a factor in fertility. (however not the only one.)
Making Games
I did not see that coming.. I would have guessed religion did have something to do with that. Good to know. But I see, that we need a good war. Maybe religion can actually help there.
Renaissance Rules
The Indian Government is on a "MAKE MORE HINDUS" spree. They are encouraging more Hindu/non-Muslim babies openly as unwritten public policy, while India is about 4 child births per mother, high mortality rate and 1.3 Billion in a space as big as Texas right now. And they blame relatively poor neighbours for adding to population. Beware, Hans Rosling! 11 billion might be a figure too optimistic without gauging the stupidity of some anti-Science masses fully.
3:38 but estonia is 50% atheist and another 20~ish % isnt sure about their religion
Umair Jibran
and THEN HOPEFULLY Thanos will be introduced!
Moldy Carrot
What, why are they cheering??
Until we create nanomachine and people kept stop making children cause they can't die.
Give me a name of the story :]
El Kudos
This was a very good TED talk.
Not Steve
We need a higher birth rate.
Apurva Kumar
Muslims in world percentage ----
12% Muslims in 1901
22% Muslims in 2011
34% Muslims in 2061 ( expected )
Now , call this old man to me !!!!!!!
This man was a national treasure
room full of religious idiots.....
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Religions and babies | Hans Rosling 4 months ago   12:46

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