Visit Croatia - The DON'Ts of Visiting Croatia - Our beautiful homeland 2 days ago   09:14

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Croatia, from the insane crowds of Dubrovnik to the amazing palace in Split to the Krka Falls, to the capital Zagreb, there are a lot of things a tourist should do when they visit Croatia. This video focuses on what tourists and travelers shouldn't do when they go to Croatia. From the food, to safety, to culture shock some things you should know about Croatia so you can have a great time in Croatia.
Filmed in Hvar, Croatia
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

10 Things That SHOCK Tourists about Croatia

10 Words of Croatian for Tourists

Top 10 Places to Visit in Croatia

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Croatia

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Legal loli
Call croatia a slav
kings from balkan 123
I live in croatia for 10 years and some
Thing are not true
Ι visited Makarska last summer and I was so disappointed that I will never visit this country again. As a country is reaaaal pretty BUT so expensiveee.. Even more than Greece which is 20 times more beautiful. ..Croats are rude and u can understand they see u as money and I dont know they are so arrogant ...I dont know why but as I said I dont like them now. I visited also Bosnia and Serbia and Montenegro where I met amazjing people. This summer 2019 I red that Croatia has much less turists...Probably turists have woken up
Mar 123
I live in croatia🇭🇷
X Flame-Brawl Stars
The tipping thing is a dont have to tip at all.. almost no croatian tips at the restaurant they go to like every few weeks...they would go broke..still appreciate the tips for tourists.....
Nadam se da vam je lijepo u hrv
Andreas H.
Some thoughts aboit the video. There really isn't much of a local cuisine. Even by the photos showing in rhe video you can see its just grilled/cooked seafood or meat. Yeah it delicious but don't go looking for any weird repices. Also the tip advice this guy gives is just made up. You don't have to tip and you will not want to either way considering Croatia is somewhat overpriced with mediocre at best service just about anywhere.
Davor Vidić
My friends from Germany came last year during World Cup and one night when we were playing against Argentina my friends my dads friend and his mother who is like 70 years old came. She almost had a heart atack. People outside were screaming, running without clothes on themselves, celebrating, it was firework, and she was happy to but it was to much for her. Yea, we are a little bit crazy😅
Mark-Antonio Bosnjak
A gdje su moje Hrvati.🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🔥🔥🔥🔥
roxrey msp
How dare ya talk bad about my country!?
Dodo Frodo
Croatian speakin..Croatia is a beautiful country with tons of potential..but unfortunate politicans are stupid as fck and they are the reason ppl are leaving..
Ima hrvata?
Also never talk about gypsies to any one in Croatia
swag juiceboy
Please stop go to your contry and spoil
Its master peace to be able to walk on stones like a monster 🤣🤣👌🏻 (PS Best way to skip that just run from beach and jump in sea like an idiot nobody will care its normal)
Dino Dubroja
7:39 zajebali su ga
Igor Begovic
Croatia is not just the seaside...

O yeah...tipping is not mandatory
mario marinović
That stoney "beaches" are not beaches 😁😄 i am a croat from Island and I never entered sea on that way
himzo hasic
Croatia is shit taking a lot of moenay tgey are matafa pirates in money doggys
Never skip the vigs and rakia!
Jebem ti mater
I love you
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Croatia - Our beautiful homeland Visit Croatia - The DON'Ts of Visiting 2 days ago   45:20

A rich culture and the breathtaking landscapes of the Croatian Mediterranean. This has made Croatia one of the most popular holiday regions of Europe, already at times of the United Yugoslavia. In two episodes Hans Jöchler and his team travel the land of the countless islands and historically meaningful places on the mainland. The film shows impressive landscapes on the mainland and the islands. However it delivers an informative insight into the busy history of a multiethnic nation, which became a full member of the European Union in 2014.

This first of two episodes presents well known destinations like Rovinji. Here many traces of the Venetians are to be found which once were rulers of the country. Furthermore the city of Pula and some of the 1242 islands of Croatia stand on the itinerary, such as Cres or Pag. One of the highlights is the visit of the oldest national park of Europe, Paklenica with its impressive gorges and black pine wood. A visit of the former capitol city of Dalmatia, Zadar stands before the boat trip to the Kornati.

On Dugi Otok the team puts the heads and the camera under water briefly, to be astonished about the variety of ocean coral species and molluscs at the up to 90 meters deep steep slopes. Finally the team heads on for Riva, one of the most popular tourist destinations of Croatia. This film gives the audience an impression of a country which suffers often from just being seen as a destination for mass tourism. But hardly many people know about its high cultural status proved for example by old sacred buildings or the Artworks and crafts.