Jorge Masvidal Walkout and Knockout TOP 20 Facts About Khabib Nurmagomedov 4 months ago   04:36

The video I took at 239. Jorge Masvidal’s walkout and knockout over Ben Askren at 239. Walkout song is Tony's Theme from Scarface. Fastest Knockout In UFC History!! Jorge is already a living legend of the MMA Game. Respect! 
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Check out my article on why Gamebread should get the next title shot....and who is the official MMA Jesus. Guida, Theodorou, Ortega, or Masvidal?
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David Taylor
Scarface himself
Big Smoke
Look how they massacred my boy...
The intro in NY v Diaz starts with, “F?:k the Diaz brothers!!!! I Bury those cockoroashes!”
Ibraheem Asfour
Ashi Aku
Imagine the people who left go get popcorn
Athma Nanthan
Knockout and walkout lamo..!!
I'm not particularly scared of anything but if I was in that ring with Jorge I'd be shitting myself
straight up 💯😂😂
Andrew Hook
That fat girl with the pizza missed it all 🤣🤣
Anthony Montero
Bro, this is THE shot of that amazing moment.
Arjay Liave
Luckily Ben Was ko'dbefore he destroy masvidal knee w/his face
They Hate facts!
Epic love this new wave Masvidal ridding hoping he doesn't run into Sosa anytime soon. Real G.shit Coner eat your heart out mutt.
So vocal in the one fc. But when playing with the big boys he's oooo
Noobish Nerd
Mr Buffer is about to seat man lol
Gaiet 'l bel
5 second and then the delirium..
History is made..
Tnk's Jorge..
Just the best..
Mount up 😂 How Funny lol
Fat Thor #
Masvidal shined his knee million times just to make sure that Ben's spirit becomes a sparkling shiny pure entity when he leaves that body
Pual Cruz
I go over and over this video. There is a lot of ppl not paying attention in the audience who missed that amazing flying knee.
KS4Christ Amen
Gamebred - Well deserves been in the sport for a long time. Finally the number one contender. 👊
pe de serra pe de serra
Anda que ro ver mariovidaul que branco o conomagrego sideu quiser kkkkkkkkk
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TOP 20 Facts About Khabib Nurmagomedov Jorge Masvidal Walkout and Knockout 4 months ago   16:47

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