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Reading The Body Language From | A Body Language Expert Analyzes - At Up-Tube.com

Reading the body language from A body language expert analyzes 2 days ago   07:36

FOX 10 Phoenix
Body Language expert Craig Anthony takes a closer look at Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s body language from last night’s town hall.

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justin time
Did you see the I'm going to try a coup against Trump when he wins body language?
Renee DaSinger
Edmond Casasa
Trump just ripped her apart even with the help she got from the MEDIA. The liberal Media gave her the questions before the debates and he beat her anyway.
Mars The attacker
u can't hide body language
Valkyrie Sardo
They were given high chairs, as tall as a stool.  Clinton is a petite. The chair legs are longer than hers so sitting down increases her height. The stage was mapped out and each person had a specified area. I don't know if either of them stepped outside their designated zone. The camera angles and the difference in height may have created the impression that he was trying to intimidate her.  I think the impression was coincidental.

Trump did remain in motion while it was not his turn to speak. He paced. He stood in place but swung his torso from side to side. He finally resorted to holding the back of his chair which I think looked better on him, like a portrait composition, or a sailboat anchored to a pier.

He does need more theater training.  I've had very little of it, but enough to know that even actors train on what to do with themselves when the focus shifts to another player. Good actors know how to show response to the speaker without actually pulling away the focus. I don't think Trump is familiar with remaining on idle. He is an active person.
American Dad
Hello !!! SHE WALKED IN FRONT OF HIM !!! My God it's on the tape .
Driver J
The Clintons, CNN, and all who support Hillary will burn in hell!
Michael D
So according to this expert, this is all up to how you like. What a load of BS. I you asked last debate he was all HRC. TRUMP NATION
That fly died immediately after causing Hillary embarrassment.. I hear that it committed suicide. It was found later with five gunshot wounds in the back.
winged hussar
Clinton's body language was all fake and like a scammer
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A body language expert analyzes Reading the body language from 2 days ago   08:44

Trump has met with a number of world leaders since he's been in office, and his handshakes with them have gotten a lot of media attention. We spoke with Dr. Lillian Glass, Ph.D., a body language expert based in LA, who took a closer look at these encounters. What's really going on when Trump tugs at Judge Neil Gorsuch's arm several times, and was Prime Minister Abe ok with Trump's 19-second greeting?

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