70 INSANE Free Kicks In Football Brazil 3-4 Messi ►The Day Messi 11 months ago   15:27

70 Insane Free Kicks In Football 2018 1 ft. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Antoine Griezmann, Wayne Rooney etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!

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Last one KING KENNEDY😍😍 not only the best free kick of 2018 BUT the best celebration to🍺🍺
Clarke Bynum
I can only tell it's not a video game when the quality is less than favorable
Muhamed 554
Where's pjanic
Cut the fucking annoying music off
This is satisfying
where is Hakan Calhanoglu
Như Quỳnh
I'm from vietnam quang hai
Phuong Hoang Huy
8:59 ban thang Quang Hai
Phuong Hoang Huy
ai nguoi vn diem danh Quang Hai duoc vinh danh trong video cua nguoi nuoc ngoai vn qua noi tieng
Free kicks are so satisfying 🤩
RzZ Tox1c
Người Việt Nam
thế nó moí truất
Cheetah Vlogs
Where are the woman free kicks ???
Nam Đức
quang hai vietnam 8:58
Hieu Do
Quang Hai
Ác Gà
Gọi tên Quan Hải
Tài Dương
trong cilp thì quay Messi sút 7 lần còn Ronaldo thì 1 lần là sao
M&M Productions
2019 tho?
Universal bros
2:04 Ok but croatia WIN 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷 ...BUT I LOVE ENGLAND LIVERPOOL!!!!!🔴⚪️
Who's here after Messi 's 2 goals Vs MAN UTD???👑
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Brazil 3-4 Messi ►The Day Messi 70 INSANE Free Kicks In Football 11 months ago   15:00

Argentina 4-3 Brazil , Brazil 3-4 Argentina || Lionel Messi vs Brazil , The Day Lionel Messi Beat Brazil Alone All by Himself with a Hat-trick & Shocked The Football World ||