An Inside Look at Manhattan's 'Billionaire's The Skyscrapers That Will Redefine 2 days ago   02:20

Wall Street Journal
For the world’s financial elite, the sky-high trophy condos overlooking Central Park will set new marks for luxury and price along 57th Street. Photo: Jeff Bush
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Spar Musick
Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher.
John Stern
# PH 41 B Central Park West, Love It ***
When he mentioned mystery buyer, he was talking about Micheal S. Dell. The founder of Dell Technologies.
Booker Wiggins
I don't think I would want to stay somewhere like this even if I had the money. Places like this smell like bribe money/construction. The place is built seems to be for metrosexual guys who are trying to sell escort services. If places like this cost millions or billions to build then the same amount needs to be spent on real life pop up blockers.
Leon Ngumba
The Greatest City on earth period!!
Dean Smith
I want to wait for the crash to come so I can get one for 14 million!
Rodney Morgan
70% marginal tax rate
A studio cost a Million USD in Brooklyn these days. NYC Real Estate always doubles every 10-15 years. There's a lot of Ultra High paying jobs here, and people don't want to commute to the suburbs anymore, also the crime rate has almost disappeared in the City, so I don't see this crashing anytime soon.
The asiatic Lion
Hope this bubble in New York crashes
John Clawson
"Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." Wake up people, we need some changes asap. Income inequality has been skyrocketing. This is objectively the case. Consult the data.
Federico Elizondo
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Jesse Reale
What I've learned from this comment section is there are two people, people who were inspired and people who are jealous.
Ji-Eun Kim
Why can’t people just buy houses that they will actually live in... housing is an essential to life and it’s sickening to see it become “investments”. Thanks to that our generation is struggling more to just find a place to sleep and rest :(
1% are millionaires.

0.001% are billionaires.

Get it right!
Brevory Foster
lol "more than a half dozen properties" just say 7
Jennie R Jane
Imma live there too. As a maid
I was the buyer. I'm going to enjoy purchasing more condo's. The prices are so cheap.
Soon will be worthless
Todd Toure
Definitely Inspiration for me.
I’d rather live in a shack on 50 acres.
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The Skyscrapers That Will Redefine An Inside Look at Manhattan's 'Billionaire's 2 days ago   08:17

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