East Street Behind The Scenes Coronation Street backstage tour 7 months ago   02:07

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TV history is made as EastEnders and Coronation Street unite for the first time ever. Walford's residents hit the cobbles of Weatherfield and Rovers regulars turn up on Albert Square in an exclusive mini-episode just for BBC Children in Need. We went behind the scenes.

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Logan gamer and Live streamer
they need to do it agian
the man the man
i love them both so much wish i could be in both of them tv series
Scott Jennings
@ACRE AERA There's no such thing as soap rivalries, because they are only TV Programmes for people to watch, so enough with all the bulldhit, EastEnders is the best, because all soaps are the same
Andrew Chapman
It's a pity they didn't get Ken Barlow and Ian Beale to appear in this. The two characters who have appeared in their respective soap operas since the very first episodes.
Daniel Hindson
Jessie, kym and shane worked brilliantly together
Ceri Davies
Ye they should defo do an east street 2 and let stella and Ian Beale meet up that'd be funny
judy smith
they should definitely do a second east street!
i think they were all brilliant- have seen this a few times and never fails to raise a smile. why not do it more regularly eh?
They need to do East Street 2!
Kelly Randall
I agree they should have done it ages ago and they should keep on doing it
Asgood asitgets
i reckon Phil Mitchell should burn down the Rovers Return in the next one!!
It's not a real crossover though, is it? So it doesn't really count. Also, very few of the characters that were selected to participate are iconic.
tegan caple
lmao that was so good i loved it i hope they do a few more
and yes definatly jaine and tracy should meet up i would love to see that please please please make that
LMAO I remember watching this - was wetting myself laughing so hard (fyi for all you southerners, thats a figure of speech) :D Best parts were the cobbles, Kat's skitting of our accent(s), Sunita talking to Zainab. Oh and Michelle walking through the square saying hiya to everyone. LMAO I can relate to that, trust me! Hmm, I've picked out all the Northern references...ahh well :D
@louiseamber1 Haha, thats because the NORTH WEST RULES! :D
Janine Butcher and Tracy Barlow should have been in this, and could have chatted about killing their husbands.
Amber Louise
I Love it when soaps come together !!
They was a match between Emmerdale and Coronation street today for charity and CORRIE WON 4-1 YEAH
Karla Bradley
i rekon they should have a storyline for a week or so where they do tie them both together :) maybe a bit of emmerdale in there to
They should do this for Red nose day aswell , would be amazing or continue doing it every pudsey
It was brilliant. I loved it
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Coronation Street backstage tour East Street Behind The Scenes 7 months ago   08:55

Join Charlene with her green Coronation Street 50th Anniversary Brolly (like a proper tourist guide) as she shows you around the set of Corrie.

Learn some of the soap's secrets, like what's actually behind the doors of the houses on the street, what's in the bins and see her do the 'Rovers' Shuffle.

You'll also see Hollywood Actor Robert Vaughan on the set filming his forthcoming scenes outside 'Roy's Rolls'.

There's also some outtakes to make you giggle as she attempts to get an acting job. Must try harder Charlene.