David Niven on Marlon Brando, Ingrid Bergman Was Hated By Humphrey 2 days ago   05:43


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Nicholas Y
Niven always loved Brando
Nicholas Y
David Niven was just absolutely classy on & off screen. Paper Tiger still one of my favourite movies!! And matter of life & Death classic!
Martin Bishop
He was a true gentleman actor with no side to him. His autobiography’s are classics I’ve read a few times.

Sadly missed.
Don't take out the reason why the Cocks Only part is funny, Jesus
Niven’s autobio The Moon’s A Balloon was great! Bedtime Story with Niven and Brando was hilarious. Remake, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Michael Caine and Steve Martin, wasn’t bad either. RIP Glenn’s Headley.
What a humorous and sensitive man, David Niven was. What a life!
H Gee
Pure class. David Niven.
Kirsten I. Russell
I think I must watch THE GUNS OF NAVARONE again. David Niven and Gregory Peck were so different in that movie, and of course their characters didn't get along well either. And yet it's those two actors who have the biggest visibility in the climax.
Thomas Hall
This is a very poor edited version of the full interview, it does not explain the 'cock's only' remark, which referred to the anonymous Duke's invitation to Niven to shoot when the season had almost finished and all that were left were birds of the cock variety, how people can comment on this video and not be in full control of the facts is beyond my comprehension.
David McGhee
Classy gentleman!!
Ro Mary
God bless dzvid niven
Jeff Stone
The Niven. A true British gentleman, a man who dropped a stellar career without a moment's thought to put himself directly in the firing line of the war against Hitler. A bloke with no enemies. Just a really nice guy, a deft and subtle actor, and the author of one of the most effortlessly funny set of memoirs ever.
gary robinson
David Niven was a real man. Great guy
elizabeth hestevold
Hedda and her. accomplice was the Hollywood vitrol, shameless with their lies , became our Media off today. Sad legacy to leave behind. 🇺🇸🇩🇰🦅🤔 Niven, another top Quality actor off his actor generation. Like Orson Welles, and James Steward, Humphrey Bogart.
Russell Williams
Broderick Wallis
I loved old movies and thought these people were most admirable. Sad to say history says they were conmen involved in the shaping of society. Perhaps, to their defence, even they didnt even know what the end was game...
Jimmy Johnston
ALL FTMs. (My dad knew David Niven very well.)
Hussein Hussein
All you got to do is watch THE GUNS OF NAVARONE and how he plays his role with Peck and Quinn...pure class
Hussein Hussein
I know technology has and is going 100 mph..but to have YOU TUBE and to see these PROPER CLASSY LEGENDS like David Niven just chatting about the other great actors is such a buzz...how life must of been between the 20s to the 60s in films and Hollywood,there are millions of stories that have gone to the grave with these people
David Niven was a gentleman. A good man, a good actor and so darn funny in interviews.
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Ingrid Bergman Was Hated By Humphrey David Niven on Marlon Brando, 2 days ago   13:47

10 Interesting Ingrid Bergman Facts

Ingrid Bergman was born in 1915 in Stockholm, Sweden. She was an actress who became famous in the 1930s and ‘40s. She worked mostly in the film industry, but did some stage acting, too, including a role in the Broadway plays Joan of Lorraine and Liliom. Bergman is known for her work in films that include Casablanca, Spellbound and Anastasia.
She was nominated for seven Academy Awards and received Academy Awards for her work in Gaslight, Anastasia and Murder on the Orient Express.
Bergman was famous all over the world for her beauty and talent. She worked with many of the legends of her time, including Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, and Alfred Hitchcock. Many of the movies she starred in are now considered classics. Bergman had a long career that spanned from the 1930s until her death in 1982.

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*Court of the Queen
*Crinoline Dreams
*Hard Boiled

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