Is Jaclyn Hill Lying To You About jaclyn hill being a hypocrite 2 days ago   16:39

Derek Van Schaik
Find out if Jaclyn Hill is lying to you about why her lipsticks are so hairy and grimy. We're going to analyze her body language and the evidence to reveal the truth.

Jaclyn Hill is a makeup YouTuber with about 6 millions subscribers and is having some serious problems with, let’s just call it, quality issues when she released her brand new lipstick line (Jaclyn Cosmetics). She made this apology/clarification video, but it seemed to make everyone even angrier and even more confused, so were going to analyze the evidence, along with her body language to see if she’s lying.

Give this video a thumbs up if you think Jaclyn was deceitful in her apology video.
Give this video a thumbs down if you think she wasn’t at all deceitful.

In the comments: What would you do if you received a product like that? Would you just use it, return it, complain, make a video. Let everyone know in the comments below.

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Derek Van Schaik
What would you do if you received a product like that? Would you just use it, return it, complain, make a video?
Kristian Molina
I don't know about this one, I'm willing to think someone in between deliveries was using them lol.
I didn't even purchase her lipsticks but her defensive " I didn't do anything wrong " like the lipsticks aren't contaminated and ALL her customers are blowing everything out of proportion had me heated and STILL does!!! How dare her talk to her subscribers/fans/customers like fools for complaining about her lipsticks being obviously being unsafe to use!!! It's unbelievable that ANYONE would EVER purchase from her AGAIN!
donald bulley
what did she make her lip of? butter molded into lip stick.dudes in the back room rubbing their crotches in it & throwing it in the mix.
KM Six
I don't understand makeup, except in situations like Halloween. Seems like a lot of unnecessary work
Lol the t rex
Career suicide.
I'm so hard on myself.. to be a good lier. So let's just move forward.
Eric Tyle
Give these lipsticks to someone you hate 🤣 They are made with recycled cats and dogs
Eric Tyle
5:01 Who is that cute ? Wow she seems so honest too 😍
Dianne F
Never trust a "Clap" talker
Red Dead BooN
Maybe she should put lids on the vats to stop the rats falling in.
Mia bear
Yes, gigantic vats. 🤣
Ben K-C
Vanity is such a turn off.
If you looks at her lips...why would you ever...tho...
Mia bear
Ah, actually smells like play doe.
Mia bear
LOTS of phony, even dangerous, influencers on YouTube!
Jean groff
Thee absolute most disgusting thing you can find in food, makeup,... anything !
Are HAIRS ! If I find that shit, I don't care what you say or how you say it, your paying me double my money back for grossing me thee "F" out !

This chick is whacked for not putting up a video immediately to simply say: For the love of God ladies, send them back !

Do NOT put this on your face, send it back for an immediate refund and I am so sorry to all of my customers... I am mortified !
Fight Club Hamster
Just checked out her website, and $54 for 3 brushes???? What steal!!! Sign me up
Fight Club Hamster
Why hasn’t someone sent the mold to the lab for testing, it costs less than 50$ depending on quantity and if you’re a client. You get a full report and a break down of everything that’s being tested including a full description of the results and explanation and exposure risk assessment.
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jaclyn hill being a hypocrite Is Jaclyn Hill Lying To You About 2 days ago   03:01

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