Everything Wrong With A Quiet Everything Wrong With In Time 5 days ago   13:32

A Quiet Place is a great movie! We loved it. But like all movies, it still has sins, so we did what we do and pointed them out in a video.

Thursday: Adventure sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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savannah gardner
At 2:42, he explains that since they are ~obviously~ using a generator to get power, they are going to attract the.... things. But in the CinemaWins episode about this movie, he pointed out that they were getting power and electricity from solar panels. So, you're just proving yourself wrong, buddy.
Shannon Fassler
That’s a cochlear implant, not a hearing aid. Hearing aids amplify sound. Cochlear implants are... um... implanted into the brain and provide electric stimulus that imitates sound.
Ben Hamilton
This is so weird without the audio of the movie playing much. It's so odd
Cade Derrick
oh my gosh ive been waiting for this video for so long
Watch the movie before you talk
What I don't understand is if he isn't cool with something, there is something wrong with that scene nor the whole movie ....
Adam Ross
"I assume that's racist" ahahahaaaaa.
It’s Fortie
CinemaWins actually pointed out the huge supply of sand. It’s not rare to live near a sand deposit CinemaSins.
Joseph Hedding
Movie logic: Monsters with weakness to loud noises somehow beats and a military with extremely loud weaponry and are somehow invincible to heavy firepower? Even if they had some badass exoskeleton made of like graphene the shock waves from explosions would shred their internal organs to bits. And you're trying to tell me these creatures are strong enough to just rip through steel and metal? Maybe the thin wall of their silo but a tanks armor? Don't make me laugh, and that's aside from the fact that we have flying weaponry that would wipe these things out easy. Get me an AC-130 and these things are toast. And don't even get me stated on the whole space things, you're telling me these blind creatures who are basically just wild animals have the ability to travel through space? REALLY? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT ENTAILS? The only logical possibility is that an intelligent species sent them here to wipe us out. And how would these creatures even survive a long ass journey through space? They ain't the Zerg they can't do no hyperspace jump bs they have to survive in space for a very long period of time. And on that note, how do these things even survive? Do they eat and drink? They breathe oxygen just like us? WHY CANT THEY SEE. They evolved some badass armor but NO EYES. Snails have eyes, Turtles have eyes, but no eyes on these things. THEY HAVE NO EYES BUT THEY CAN ACHIEVE SPACE TRAVEL. They aren't intelligent and don't have any intelligent form of communication THEY"RE JUST A BUNCH OF WILD ANIMALs and they achieved SPACE TRAVEL. OK THEN MOVIE. Irl these things would eventually be wiped out by military no question, sure they would probably kill a lot of people but the old people in the nursery homes would be safe af with those hearing aids. I'm sorry movie but there's no way you're even gonna convince me that a bunch of fuck off aliens creatures that can't even see can take on a military that utilizes advanced technology and firepower. You could easily just set up massive sound traps, luring a bunch to 1 spot to be slaughtered. Now that I think about it this movie is just like After Earth, with some stupid ass monster that can't see anything but has some other sense, and in After Earth it was sent by an intelligent species to wipe us out. AND THEY DIDNT GIVE IT THE ABILITY TO SEE. WHY NOT. Is the sense of 'fear' (really no such thing such bs movies SUCH BS) somehow more reliable than sight? IS ANY OTHER SENSE SOMEHOW MORE RELIABLE THAN SIGHT? NO. Someone in the comments was trying to say these monsters use eco location like a bat, but if that were the case they'd be able to find you even if you were silent af. I mean there's no fucking way a blind creature is gonna be able to effectively move... anywhere. They should be flying into walls, rocks, each other, any obstacle because they cant see. How can they chase something down if they cant even move around effectively? How can they take on a military if they can't even see the AC-130/helicopter/jet bomber/ insert any military weaponry here that's blowing them to smithereens, let alone get to it. None of that had to be included in the story at all for this to work, it's just blatantly ignorant of realism. The end scene should've been some military moving in to wipe the creature out, not some idiots thinking they're about to take on like 3 of those things at once with a shotgun and hearing aid, I mean sure the hearing aid would hurt them alot (though most military ordnance is far more loud so just about any gun would be very effective at stopping these things in their tracks) but why would that make them stop in place and expose their weakness? Why would they not go crazy trying to take out whatever that noise was? Those people should be dead af
Blxst Power
So what if one of them lets out a huge shart?
72 sins dam
TheOne GUY
A quiet place worst movie I’ve seen
miss unt
other than foundflix nobody else makes me laugh like this
I felt sad when the father's dead though because i once thought that my father hate me too
so, you’re trying to tell me that shotguns can kill the monsters? and that the entire military was wiped out, despite having all of the finest weaponry in the world, yet they were *still* rendered useless against the monsters? but one girl can shoot and instantly kill one monster? riiiight...
James Russell
I actually thought the sound wasn't working when I first put on the movie 😂
Jimins Suga Kookie
its like the thanos snap but they die by things you can see
why did she think it was a good idea to get preg. lmfaoo dumbass
Gorilla Sangar
Bruhh a quiet place is awesome
Tifa Caelum
The film was actually good. It has mistakes and stupid moments but all in all is entertaining and refreshing. Anyway, this is hilarous as always 😂
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Everything Wrong With In Time Everything Wrong With A Quiet 5 days ago   17:05

In Time is a sci-fi movie with a wicked-cool premise... that the movie completely wastes. So many likable people... such a cool idea... ultimately a pretty terrible film. Sad face.

Next Week: Something cultishly-beloved and something animated-but-terrible.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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