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Pain (Ps3) - The Game Where | 36 Things We'll Never Forget - At Up-Tube.com

PAIN (PS3) - The Game Where 36 Things We'll Never Forget 1 year ago   10:59

Does anyone remember PAIN? The crazy PSN game where all you did was mess around with rag doll physics? Well whether you do or don't, I think its time we reflect on this bad boy. And I say that lightly, considering how inappropriate this game could get. Oh yeah, its gonna get spicy up in here.

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Comments 40 Comments

I love this game . I played it for years . One of the most difficult games to 100% the trophy list , I hold this higher than any of my platinum trophies .
Space V
i bought all the dlc as a kid, as a dumbass.... worth it tho ay
Daniel Mazz
How did u get David hasslehoff
zero N
I downloaded the dlc map: Abusement park, but when i choose the map it just stays in the loading screen. If anyone could help it would be nice, because i don't want to pay 5 dollars from a map which doesn't work!
I miss this game
Jack Connor
ReMaker ReMaker
i use to play this for hours when i was like 6 years old
CactusDaNnJr The Pac-Man Guy
2019 Anyone Because I Remember Playing This Game On 2018 With Daxter
UwU Pöllö
This was good Game but i have demo
Patrick Lloyd
After seeing a few videos on this game around the site:
_Why does this feel ahead of its time? And why did they never make a sequel?_
jose orendain
I remember this game spent maybe too many hours on it Haha but what happened to it, I can't find it on store no more
Never got any trophy in this game
Jonathan Ferrer
When my big brother got the ps3 it came with this game. I can't believe I spent HOURS on this game. Good memories
Pain just feels like the late 2000s to early 2010s
I really miss that time and aesthetic.
Thomas S.
Fun fact, the Hotel Coral Essex was used in Revenge of the Nerds 2. In the movie they changed the sign to read HOT ORAL SEX. I replicated this in the game.
Derrick Espino
Haha. I’m the voice of the doctor on the billboard, the subway announcer, the tv show playing in the apartment building and I played sloppy drums for the punk band that’s practicing in the warehouse. So much fun making this game.
TheOnly 3DSGuy
I really wish they would remake this game for PS4.
Cillo billo
I bought this game earlier today
I am really starting to regret it
This was such a fun and addictive game. It's a shame somebody didn't make a sequel.
James Pritchard
I used to dominate Fortress. Miss this game
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36 Things We'll Never Forget PAIN (PS3) - The Game Where 1 year ago   04:15

Before the PlayStation 4 enters our lives, take a look back at some of our fondest and darkest memories of the PS3.

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