Arabic &Turkish Oriental Pearls Gipsy Kings - Instrumental Best 3 months ago   36:30

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Track list
1. Khalia - Joe Pacino ft Bashir Charaf (0:00)
2. Biçare - Taksim Trio (1:28)
3. Abou Ali - Nabil Al Sayed (2:58)
4. Zay Al Hawa - The R.E.G Project (5:38)
5. Zalim - Mehmet Cemal (7:54)
6. Nihavent Oriental - Mehmet Cemal (12:23)
7. I Love You - Mehmet Cemal (18:41)
8. Firuze - Mehmet Cemal (24:03)
9. I Love You- Omar Tekbilek (28:41)
10. Alyazmalim - Cahit Berkay (31:55)

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Berk Obuter
Caroliris Arcoiris
Loooove for the whole world. Hugs from Argentina
The picture looks bad man !
Dear Turkish, would you stop stealing the Arabic music and claim that it's Turkish!!! You have already stolen our lands and occupied it, now you want to steal our culture!!!
This music is from Egypt composed by Omar Khairat... by the way... DAMN TURKEY
I’m hypnotize 💖💖💖
Attia El Idrissi
100% Algerien arabe
i like this music
TheDark Nite
Love the music. BTW, that pic is a little 'bootylicious' don't you think ;-)
hasan TORUK
This kind of music transmit peace for soul...i love that very nice
Bislan Jabrailov
Jean-Marie Philips
Musique et voix envoûtante qui me reportent à Istanbul, avec le regard versr le Bosphore. sur une terrasse d'hôtel entre chien et loup.
Nermin Aghalibayli
sinava calismak icin fon muzigi olsun diye actim....ders mi calisayim yoksa raki bardagini elime alayip masada dans mi edeyim bilemedim....cok guzelll :)))))))))
A Amin
this is bigg butt music so nice
Kat C.
She thick.
Luna M.
Spasoje Kulasevic
The thumbnail is hilarious
This is only turkish not arabic?!? Why is the name arabic and turkish didnt understood.
Alejandra Parker
Peace and blessings.
Any kind of music that gets me up off of my "potato couch" and dance is my kinda music...not supporting Arabs, Turks sharia etc...

Music is the heart to the soul no natter who the messanger is. Let's all enjoy!
3/28/18. 5:31 PM
Dallas Texas
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Gipsy Kings - Instrumental Best Arabic &Turkish Oriental Pearls 3 months ago   54:42

Gipsy Kings
Instrumental Best (Recopilación)

Duración Total: 54:34s

Canciones/Tracks: (Puede hacer click en el minuto inicial de la canción que desee para reproducirla automáticamente)

01 - Inspiration
02 - Ritmo De La Noche 03:52
03 - Luna De Fuego 07:22
04 - Liberte 11:00
05 - Pharaon 14:27
06 - Love & Liberte 18:28
07 - Mosaique 22:24
08 - Lágrimas 26:06
09 - Moorea 29:02
10 - Bossamba 33:04
11 - Ternuras 36:23
12 - Faena 39:48
13 - Passion 43:16
14 - Michael 46:20
15 - Duende 50.22

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Maracay - Venezuela.

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