Top 5 Myths About Daily Driving Chevy Corvette Stingray C7: Behind 2 days ago   12:47

Cars, Costs and Technology
Can you daily drive a Corvette? It's not realistic for everyone, but I have for almost two years now. I wanted to share some of my experiences and thoughts with anyone who may be considering a Corvette for their next primary vehicle!

In this video we'll discuss:

Driving a Corvette in the snow.
Driving a Corvette in the rain.
How big is the trunk of a Corvette?
Are Corvettes bad on gas?
Are Corvettes reliable?
Are Corvettes uncomfortable to drive?

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Cars, Costs and Technology
Would you drive your ZR1 in the snow like Harlan Charles? He probably has a few more ready to go if anything goes wrong lol. Thanks for watching 👍
Awesome Sauce!
How is the Corvette off road!
Mud & rocks!
Never wash it!
The dirt is a badge of honor like on a Jeep! 💪
MAT tomasko
Its YOUR it when you want, where you want and any way you want....but stop being apologetic about "offending" and/or worrying how others may mis-read what your saying. Fuck-em....its YOUR car...There will ALWAYS be idiots and morons who take things the wrong way and cannot read between the lines....otherwise....nice video.
Miodrag Stanič
Not My C7 just sayin.
Dante Evans
Awesome review men pretty cool info
Bonnie Herndon
Love my corvette. I have owned vettes for a very long time. My C5 is awesome. However I've been looking at an C7!
PJ Morrison
Glad I don’t have to worry about snow in Louisiana! Thought about trading my Mustang Cobra in for a Corvette, but idk🤔
With 4400 miles on my 6 month old '18 Stingray 7 spd. stick I drove a roundtrip 1400 miles. The overall trip showed about 31mpg...with one recorded segment...some downhill in 7th...over 40 mpg! That is still on the display...and if I did not have the ability to access that feature, even I would not believe it! I was driving I-5 out of N. CA to Oregon, and then Hwy 97 in OR. Hit 90mph a little, but mostly cruising at 65 to 75...amazing! I have owned Porsche 911's, and a couple of other sports cars...the Corvette works for me...better than all the rest.
this video is super bias lol
John FromWestVirgina
Let’s be honest...if you have the money to daily drive a corvette, you can afford gas... ’nuff said
Nathaniel Lewis
Alright, how about speed bumps? There's quite a few of them where I live and they aren't all the "hump" variety, some a pretty harsh. Does the corvette have the ground clearance to get over any "legal" speed bumps?
I was surprised that you didn't mention the magnetic suspension option. I would recommend getting it if the car was going to be used where the roads are rough and certainly
as a daily driver car. I would also suggest the Grand Sport with medium profile tires for ride comfort and wet roads. The GS keeps the rear end from breaking loose.
I have a vette and live in South Carolina as well.
ajaunie silpot
Awesome video thanks
Nkosi Rooms
I live in atlanta .l have A 2017 C7.Car cost to much to drive it in the rain or the snow.l just get into my Cadillac escalade.Buy A corvette and feel happy .You should not care about the gas if you can afford the mortgage car note. Take on A full warranty and you will be fine.
Aldamon Maxwell
less commericals
mike philson
corvette wheels and tires they get alot of flats
Jared Thibodaux
I agree with many of the points that he raised here but the one I am forced to disagree with is the reliability issue, in no way shape or form is a vette anywhere near as reliable as a 911, not even close. Sure it is easier to get service at any GM store, and those repairs cost less, but as far as actual reliability the German car is hands down better in that category, Consumer Reports will back me up on this one, they keep track of actual repair statistics. I worked at a Chevy dealership from 2006 to 2009 and we had vettes come back over and over again, yeah usually for minor electrical issues but we did have some owners that were getting urked off at having to come back.
Zihao Qing
But if you stuff the trunk full of things, won't that limit your visibility?
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Chevy Corvette Stingray C7: Behind Top 5 Myths About Daily Driving 2 days ago   09:08

MotoMan travels to Bowling Green, Kentucky & Detroit to learn how the Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray was created and meets Tadge Juechter, Chief Engineer, Tom Peters, Design Director, Dave Tatman, Plant Manager along with the rest of the people behind the return of the Stingray . . . In this part two, we pick up the story with how the design of the taillights changed and cover more of the finer details of the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray's engineering & development.

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