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Cod: Modern Warfare 2019 | Modern Warfare 3: Find Makarov - At Up-Tube.com

COD: Modern Warfare 2019 Modern Warfare 3: Find Makarov 1 day ago   07:04

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) has been announced as a reboot to the beloved franchise. We got to see it behind closed doors and we've got information beyond the trailer.
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Jake got to see gameplay in action, so here's as much info as we could get.
Aaron Repp
Stoked for this reboot! Hope it's as shocking as everyone is saying. No Russian all the way baby!
tonko grazer
THIS is going to be a fresh start
It could be 1st cod that ill buy after so many years lol, and yea the world is going to end cod gets new engine xD!
Its been a long time since Ive been excited for a Call Of Duty game. This, I am quite excited about
Dimitri Rodriguez
100,000 things you missed

There, fixed your title for you
Zion Ryan
*Gameranx*: wanna here details and spoilers about the game?

*me*: nah but why the spoiler!

*Gameranx*: CAUSE BITCH IM DADDY -Spoils the whole game-
*Bravo 6, Going Dark*
Michael Senchy
I’m pissed there won’t be blackout. But I’ll still get it cuz Campaign mode will be amazing and even tho I’m not a fan of mp since ima level 110 6 months ago but I’ll give it a shot
Dimitrov Lavinski
Closing my eyes

Bravo 6, going dark
Legendary 305
they going to have Battle Royale???????
“Gunz! Ready!!”
Antwan Edwards
They talking all this realistic shit... If I load into the game and look down, I better be able to see my body... Otherwise all that "realistic" shit goes out the window.
I'm definitely looking forward to the release, but you have to remember these are just videos, and not actually gameplay ( Not saying it won't be good) Some Call of Duty's have been spectacular, others not so much. Infact weak and broken games. We'll see what happens October 25th.
The graphics look that real, and I was in the first Gulf War
SO, is this game going to finally achieve giving folks actual, real life PTSD??? Kinda scary, just sayin’
Nearcotic Opium
Slow prepare for cue to game shop 00:00 at 25th october. I got ready my tent too
John Hulbert
"All Ghillied Up" it better be in there somewhere..
Knights_Penguin Dwaguin
So um yea realistic games that is what modern warfare is about so yea enemies dying should look realistic and yea the game is going to be based on real events but that is what the game is about your like the guy that wrote the article
Andreas Jansen
Now to see if they can actually put that photogrammetry to use in the game, and not just a teaser
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Modern Warfare 3: Find Makarov COD: Modern Warfare 2019 1 day ago   05:49

Modern Warfare goes live action in this cool new short film. The project was completed and involved only fans of the game, while the community thought Activision was behind it all.

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