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This is one movie I was eagerly anticipating and many of you kept requesting me to review this movie as well, so here's my review of KGF Chapter 1.

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shafiulla bs
Awesome review brother
shambu jabin
Watch Kannada movies LUCIA and ULIDAVARU KANDANTHE ..they will blow you away..
Bharath Bodepudi
When will KGF Chapter 2 come?
It was a surprise to see a movie review from u.. Thanks for the honest review
Lakshmeesha T
BGM & music for whole movie is done by Ravi basrus, Tanishk only done for gali gali song in hindi.
Prashanth M
Tnx for Vlog About KGF Movie Dino's Bro, ❤ from Kannadigas Bengaluru.
കിടിലൻ സിനിമ
DrVasanth Choori
Love and expecting more Kannada film review bro
DrVasanth Choori
Super review brother
Adithya adi
This honest review coming from u means a lot to us!!!😍
Dileep Kumar
Nice review sir, I have watched 3 times already. An epic Indian movie that is in another level. 10 out of 10 movie
Mahesh N
Tq sir😍😍
Ravi Gunturu
Super dino, please make a review on Harley street 750
Arish Xrestha
Where did u bought side mirror
Suhaas V Naik
Hats Off to #Yash and #KGF Team..👏👏🙌🙌
Your t-shirt is perfect for this! I agree. KGF is a magnum opus of Indian cinema. Yash is like Rocky himself. He is a true monSTAR who devours everything in his way. He never compromises! And he is a great human being!
KGF requires a lot of support because they aren't promoting much outside Karnataka after the release. Please spread the word. Thanks for creating this video 🙏🏼
budget is 80 crores. Biggest production in Kannada. The biggest earner in Kannada industry before KGF which should have passed 100 crores by 26th (60 crore in Karnataka itself) is 75 crores and don't release in other languages usually.
hanumanth KE
Dino sir.. the reason why prashanth sir used the shaky cam during fight scene, is to blend the bloodshed part.. Getting green signal from censor team without a cut is a big deal..Mr. Prashanth Neel is a gem of a person n an epic film maker, who knows how to craft each frame in movie.. Love from Kannadigas for spreading good vibes about the movie✌️✌️
Praveen Ramaiah
Unexpected review Sir.. kgf rocks
Kewal Mittal
Great Review
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ZERO vs KGF | Komal Nahta TRADE KGF Movie Review Absolutely Epic!! 1 day ago   08:42

ZERO vs KGF | Komal Nahta TRADE EXPERT REVIEW | Bollywood vs Kannada Cinema | Box Office Collection
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