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The Marvel Cinematic Universe already includes 23 movies, in addition to the series and all kinds of short films. That’s quite a lot for one shared universe. Actors who became the on-screen embodiment of comic book heroes are now known around the world.
People cannot even imagine other people playing Captain America, Thor, or Black Widow. But these characters could have been completely different if the filmmakers chose other actors. And believe us, they had plenty to choose from!

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Helping Hand
You're wrong, the reason that tom didn't want the iron man because he can't understand the flow of the character and he don't want the script.
Sergio Lozano
Marvel is gone
I think that no one would notice the difference 🤔🤔
Neil Plays16
*Hello there*
Steven Findlay
Momoa was OK with the other role because… he was the lead… duh.
Elias Mussa
Awasome 👍👍
RAVI Renold Rampersad
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Emily Blunt had a grudge against the MCU because they chose Chris Evans for Captain America instead of her husband?
I never knew this
Thoughts and Stories
Imagine will smith as black panter says "we dont do that here"

In second thought, it could be awesome.
❤❤❤Love you bro from INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Enjoy the video, dear friends!
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