10 Things to do-Hyderabad, India. Dinner With The Dons - Ijaz 7 months ago   14:58

Raj Kishore
Watch Satvika explore the 10 most important things to do in Hyderabad.

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Staraircooling System2020
Overacting Ki Dukaan😁 I'm from Hyderabad
sravan reddy malela
Where's bonalu festival
Aliya Fauz Haideri
Madam main btati hu.. . Aap potti nhi bol ske.. Aapko 1hr late cab driver kaise mila pta nhi.. Aap biryani hath se nhi khaye to mza hi nhi aaya, aap 7 tombs nhi gye, golconda night show nhi dekhe, aap paradise or shahzade ka naam nhi mension kre, aap salarjung nhi gye, koti, banjara hills, falaknuma Palace, shandar Universities collages, local bus train ka safar, roads, buildings, malls... Or kya kya bolun... Main to bhut miss krti hu hyd
Mohd.Thaiyab Mohd.Thaiyab
Khali Hyderabadi bolte aapn ku
Sony John
Disgusting presentation of a city. I never been to hyderabad. I just watched and compared other videos....
Lokesh King
awesome video
Keerthi Shal
Why is she acting fake
kanni bunny
Proud to be my Telangana Hyderabad
Amit k
Chana Chotpoti
Accent bakwas
Shabana Parveen
there are not only 10 things to do there are many places and palaces and wonderla
Vinod Kumar Reddy
Over actionnnn...
Entertainment Tech Everything
o madam u got the wrong information
Ali Àş Áľí
6:20 lol 😂😂😂
So fake video over acting
Randi Madem Rand
Arshad Boxer Arshad Boxer
Robby Penkar
Very beautiful presentation of Hyderabad by the young female presenter.
She was beautiful and explained where and how to explore Hyderabad in a very clear and simple way.
She indeed looked like an actress and model. Her talk and walk was extremely good. And love to see her in more travel videos.
She indeed showed the meaning of Hyderabadi words and meaning and the way of talking Which is very unique and funny than Hindi and Urdu.
She indeed was gorgeous and attractive.
Praveen kumar Dongre
Rafeeq Azeem
1:10 second... He is starting to her legs. Not realising the it is recorded.......
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Dinner With The Dons - Ijaz 10 Things to do-Hyderabad, India. 7 months ago   10:15

Over some biryani, Doctor VC learns the difference between a Mumbai Don and one from Hyderabad.

What does a retired Don in Hyderabad do? Why, he becomes a marriage counsellor, of course. Ijaz Bhai has been out of his life in the underworld for over 25 years now. Back in the day, he's seen murders and jail time. But the love of a good woman turned his life around, and brought him back to the right path. Over some quintessential Hyderabadi Biryani, the full time bangle shop owner and part time couples counsellor takes host Doctor VC over the finer points of difference between being a Don's life in Hyderabad and one in Mumbai.

The world has its heroes and its villains. The heroes get their medals, their perks and their rewards. But the world wants to know about the other kind too – the kind that dwells in the underground. This hunger for the unknown created Dinner with the Dons – India’s edgiest food show where we meet dons & hardcore criminals from various parts of the world and discuss their lives and philosophies over a meal. From Bhais of Mumbai to Annais of the south. From Goan smugglers to the Gujarati land mafia.

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