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Body Language Proof Hillary | Did Donald Trump Collude With - At Up-Tube.com

Body Language Proof Hillary Did Donald Trump Collude With 2 days ago   18:20

Derek Van Schaik
Find out if body language can prove Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States in the 2020 election to possibly face off against President Donald Trump for an epic rematch.

Hillary Clinton of course lost the 2016 Presidential election to Donald Trump, but will she run in the Democrat Presidential Primary to have the chance to go up against Donald Trump for a rematch in 2020?

In this recent, Recode Decode interview with Kara Swisher, Hillary shockingly consciously and subconsciously reveals a lot to us regarding her future political plans, so get ready for many stunning insights.

Keep in mind, this video is not at all political. Whether you like Hillary or don’t that’s up to you; I’m calling it how I see it to give you the insights.

In this Recode Decode interview, Hillary Clinton said, "I know they all look alike" referring to Eric Holder and Cory Booker, who are both black. I decided not to include that clip in this analysis, since it's off topic.

Now in the comments: What do you think about Hillary Clinton running for President in 2020? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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I wrote my previous comment before finishing the video, because, wow, it's hard to hear her voice. President Trump will get reelected in 2020. Exposing and dealing with corruption is the primary reason that God chose to call him to be our President and the Swamp so reluctant to endure the draining process that four years isn't enough time.
Hope the clintons are gonna be locked up
Jimbonius Maximus
If she does run it would be incredibly selfish and self-serving at this point. She is part of the reason Trump got elected, whether all the flak she got was justified or not. Americans desperately need to unite around a solid candidate. Even if she WERE to win, it would just be divisive and a continuation of the same polarized, garbage politics we are facing right now. It would do nothing but galvanize Trumps base and lose moderate conservatives. If you want more moderate conservatives to meet in the middle, pick someone who they can at least somewhat relate to and get behind... I think more sensible Americans at this point can see that Trump is a total disaster and a disgrace, but if you want another 4 years of Trump, go ahead throw your support at Hillary. See what happens.
This video was mentioned by H.A. Goodman and he recommended your channel too. It was said in his video with a smiling William Barr after he was found to be in contempt for not breaking the law by the DC criminals who fear criminal prosecution, in both parties.
I have thought that she is behind the smearing of some of the many, many Dems running for Prez.
Cody Raskin
7 months on and the primary season is in full gear with no Clinton candidacy. this video didn't age well. :P
Savior Flaire
Derek, your technique is very simular to NLP. (Neuro Linguistic Programing. In NLP you even track micro mannerisms & pace people. It's a great way to establish a common ground.
Remy Buitenhuis
the chance she has to win:
Bingo Hall
Old killary piss bag doesn't have a chance. I hope she runs and blows a whole lot of the left's cash.
Laura Moore
She is not gonna run ffs lol
You can do everything in your power to get a Democrat in the White House but at the end of the day it isn't really up to you is it?
She ain't running you got it wrong.
Angie Gomez
I swear she’s just using feminists to get the extra votes, sexist& misogyny is not she people don’t like you Hilary. The democrats better find a different candidate if they want to take back the house. I’m for the party that wants to combat climate change! (I don’t lean left or right but taking care of Mother Earth should be the obligation of everyone living here)
Jane Adams
She is conceited enough to run. She still feels she is owed the office.
If she runs trump wins again. I dont want trump to win, we need someone else.
wanker wacker
Bernie sanders is the only honest politician running for president in 2020 even if you do not agree with him

Hillary will be dominated if she runs
All it means, your method doesn’t work, so I stop trusting all what you read into AOC and call out all the lies you probably didn’t read from Trump, a well-known liar
J Dubs
I dont think that the world is confused at all about the Imperialist motives of the US govt, its pet international drug-kingpin Criminal Intelligence Agency, or the Military Industrial Complex that she ultimately represents.

It is criminal Hillary who is deluded about her own hubris, self-centeredness, and how the public actually perceives her. Only a few years ago, she said everything that we needed to know about her, the globalist interests she represents, and the warmongers: "We came, We saw, They Died".

Wrong on this one!
lol! this video is not at at all political...😞
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Did Donald Trump Collude With Body Language Proof Hillary 2 days ago   11:38

Body language of whether or not Donald Trump colluded with Russia and Vladimir Putin to help him win the 2016 U.S. Presidential election against Hillary Clinton and the Democrats? Find out.

Here’s another episode in the Body Language of a Liar series, where we determine whether someone famous is lying or telling the truth.

First, this video is not intended to be political. We're simply analyzing the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump's body language in a non-biased manner to determine if Trump was lying about colluding with Russians and/or Vladimir Putin to win the United States Presidential Election in 2016.

In this episode of Body Language of a Liar, we’ll be determining whether President Donald Trump is lying about Russia collusion, which may have helped him win the 2016 Presidential Election against Hillary Clinton; we’ll be analyzing his body language in 3 different interviews to determine whether or not Donald Trump is lying about Russia collusion in the election.

0:45 Donald Trump in an NBC News interview with Lester Holt on May 11, 2017, body language analysis

6:26 Trump on CBS Face The Nation with John Dickerson on April 2017, body language analysis

7:12 President Trump on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo in July 2, 2018, body language analysis


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