STAR WARS The Force Awakens Star Wars The Force Awakens 1 day ago   02:01

Gurl on Girl-Gaming
I had a really rotten day today (and not just because I couldn't go to SW Celebration.) Watching the new trailer with Jarrett was a great way to end a crap-tastic day!

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hey does your home boy work for corridor digital?
Ryan Je
so cool to see siblings watching together.
Ben V
This came up on my recommended. As a HUGE SW fan, y’all’s reaction was great!! Genuine and so excited! The force is strong with y’all!!!
mike bloodofodin
Hun Soloooo yeaaa hahahahaha.
Phil Pinson
great couple right there.
This woman knew nothing else about what she was watching other than Han Solo appearing on the screen. Shame.
I'm late..but nice reaction
A family that loves Star Wars together, stays together!! You guys are so cute!! May the Force be with you!!
Tom Mangelschots
Cute reaction! :-)
Autumn Spring
Are you two twins?
Nice, very nice.
Ger Her
At the end they look each other and go like thinking "now we have to have Star Wars Trailer Sex!"
Michael Rowland
God, could she look anymore bored?
crap-tastic; excellent word! also interchangeable with crap-fabulous.
Colt Cooper
From the thumbnail, I thought this was going to be a down syndrome reaction video.  I guess I'm going to hell.
awww you had me with that Fire Ferrets t-shirt!!
The Jumping Off Point
Cool video bro. The Force is with us.
John Duffy
When do we see this girl on girl action of which you speak? I'm in.
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Star Wars The Force Awakens STAR WARS The Force Awakens 1 day ago   03:31

My Reaction to the final Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer. I did not get the tickets I wanted for the Thursday opening. If anyone has extra tickets for Thursday Dec 17th 7pm IMAX NYC 68th st Lincoln square AMC or the Ziegfeld theater, I would do almost anything for them. Please let me know.