HITTING The MAX Card Limit On UNO YOUTUBE'S BIGGEST SNAKE 2 weeks ago   25:44

Mini Ladd
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Mini Ladd
This video got to #1 on Trending. Thank you everyone for the support
Milo The Guy
9:43 dont worry, it's a save file
Name In Progress
OneHundred Layers of Uno
oh yea yea
Sansy_ Playz22
6:35 and 4:37 im just gonna go and animating this
Ohh! 👌😙Prime thumbnail!
ItsJust VRoseFunster
Hey mini dye your hair bright pink like --->👛
18:39 Well, I was eating... Now im not...
Reaper Gang
Paige Swanson
Wow he looks creepily similar to 09sharkboy...
shut up
4:20 he has 69 cards... coincidence??
The Machinx
I wish I can do this in uno
9:18 lol
Its Angel
This is my first time watching him but Is he always this annoying?
Mr Popo
Uno: i don’t feel so good............
Fuming Koala 6067
Try rayman dude, that deflect is op
6:52 this is what you came here for
Jimmy Prattipuss the coward of all battles ever
Proof that Craig’s into masochism
when you want to win but think having more cards makes you win

100+ cards
108 cards in an UNO deck. 5:40 deck disappeared. 80+11+5+12=108
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YOUTUBE'S BIGGEST SNAKE HITTING The MAX Card Limit On UNO 2 weeks ago   13:05

WillNE is a big snake 😡 😡 😡 In this video me and Alex respond to WillNE going behind our backs with his new mate KSI.

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Outro made by Harry B

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