Virtual Earth 3D with SpaceNavigator Santa Tracker by Google Earth 2 days ago   02:18

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Demo of using SpaceNavigator with Microsoft's Virtual Earth 3D. Part of a comparison review of VE3D with Google Earth. Read more at:

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eduardo rodriguez
I mean actual cars not colored dots
eduardo rodriguez
Can I see traffic real time with it brother?
luis hernandez
@hassann57light It will. And hopefully stupid Muslims like you will vanish.
Hassan Khan
@xXxRadicalDreamerxXx your fucking dream will never come true
@David20931 lol. Since I made that comment, I got involved in a project to do just that for a small town in America. Well, almost that.
Edgar Vega
60 dollars my ASS, i can get google earth for free
@MaestroAlvis lol that be funny XD come right up behind you with a camera XD
Google is amazing. Ok next step, I want to be able to go inside of people's houses in real time. I want to be able to find people at all times, like even if their talking down a street somewhere. I want to be able to go into my house and see myself using the program, to see myself using the program.
This is gonna get ridiculous so hold on tight.
I wouldn't have thought a live world map will be available for quite some time yet.

All these are are 3D models added manually to previously taken overhead photography. There's nothing particularly live about it.

I think what you're talking about is Google Street View, which is part of Google Earth, the other 3D world navigator. The one in this video is MIcrosoft Virtual Earth 3D. :)
Jeric Gambon
omygod! rockstar should start gta 5 on this!
I ment the actual surface of other planets.
The world is not enough. :P
john rambo
If only this would work on a computer from 2002 :P
dave pearce
Google Earth Blog
If you follow the tinyurl link in the description of this video on the upper right - click "(more)" you can read the full review. There is a link to 3DConnexion which will show you the SpaceNavigator 3DMouse (not made by MS by the way).
Maybe you can show us what the Microsoft mouse looks like? or would it make this a commercial and get deleted? any way Thanks for showing!
Earth is boring. I want the Moon, Mars, and then whole galaxy!!!! MUHAHHAHAHA
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Santa Tracker by Google Earth Virtual Earth 3D with SpaceNavigator 2 days ago   01:23

This is an introductory video showing what the Santa Tracker by Google Earth Blog will look like on Christmas Eve. Go to on Christmas Eve to find out how to set up your computer and follow Santa as he delivers presents around the world.