A Random Lady Shamed Me For Being I Lost My Baby Because Of My Friend's 5 months ago   08:21

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I Lost My Baby Because Of My Friend's A Random Lady Shamed Me For Being 5 months ago   07:30



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Hey guys. My name is Anna. I wanted to tell you about my ex-best friend Molly. Our friendship was ruined by her persistent love of teaching me how I should or shouldn’t live my life. As a rule, the awfulness of her advice would manifest in small things, but one time everything was totally different and very serious. At one point, it was even a question of life or death. But first things first.

Molly always loved to give advice, stupid advice really. But I used to believe that she wanted the best for me and even further – that she would get angry with me if I argued with her, so I followed her guidance. She was happy to tell me how I should behave, even in the most basic situations, you know, even though I usually had to deal with pretty unpleasant consequences.

For example, once I needed to buy a dress for another school dance. Of course, I took Molly with me to the mall. After a few hours of shopping, I’d finally chosen the perfect blue medium length dress. However, Molly didn’t like it. She insisted I try on the dress that she picked out, which was yellow and way too tight for me. She persuaded me that I looked better in it, so I bought it. I couldn’t even breathe properly in that dress and, at some point, while I was dancing I moved the wrong way and my dress ripped at the seams. Of course, I had to immediately leave the dance party, but not before a few people around me noticed what had happened. Long after that evening my classmates were still making fun of me for it.

And once when Molly and I were at summer camp, I discovered a few nasty pimples on my face right before our group photo day. Molly said that she had the perfect recipe for a night mask that would inevitably clear up my skin. I was desperate and I had no other choice but to follow her advice (again!). When I woke up, I rushed to the mirror and for a second I wished I was still sleeping. My whole face was orange, the pimples were gone though. Molly said this was probably because the contents in the turmeric facial mask she’d made. Oh my gosh... the things I did to try to get rid of that face color back then! But nothing worked. I even got the nickname “Anna – the orange banana” and everybody at the camp was laughing at me when I passed by.
Nevertheless, I continued to be friends with Molly and in this instance, it was especially important that I knew that whatever I told her, she’d keep a secret. This happened when I figured out that something had changed inside me. I’d begun feeling nauseated and sleepy all the time and couldn’t drink my ordinarily favorite coffee because of its smell. Back then I had been dating Evan McAllen for slightly more than a month - he was sort of my first love - when I found out that I was pregnant. I got really scared and, of course, Molly was the first one I told.

That time I really needed some serious advice and definitely couldn't stand any of her stupid consequences, like before. I was devastated, but Molly seemed to be stubborn. She thought that Evan should be informed about what had happened since he was equally responsible for the trouble I was now in, so to speak. But I didn’t want him to know. You see, we were about to graduate from school in a month or so and he was about to leave for college soon. We were going to live in different parts of the country and were hardly going to keep dating anyway. Besides, I still hadn’t decided whether I was going to keep the baby or not, so I didn’t want Evan to remember me as that girl who ruined his life and stuff.

But Molly kept insisting on her opinion on the issue and finally I got really irritated with it. So at some point, I told her to keep her nose out of it. And I told her how bad the pieces of advice she's given me in the past have always been. I didn’t mean to fight with her, but apparently my words were really offensive. So, she just left me alone, and this time, I had to make my own decision without the opinion of my bestie.
I was really scared to tell my mom about what was going on, but she literally was the only one who was able to help me at that moment. I felt so miserable when she said that she was very disappointed in me. I lied to her and told her that I didn’t know who the father of the baby was and she began yelling at me for that even harder. I cried really hard all night long. So much so, that in the morning I could barely open my eyes that were swollen with tears.

Finally, my mom told me that I had no option but to give birth to the baby and that she’ll help me to raise him or her. I felt more secure because I no longer had to make that decision, but at the same time I felt even more devastated than before.

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