Brock Lesnar won't return NBA's Best Crossovers | March 1 day ago   10:47

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Paulie shows Conor McGregor some love,

Jack Hermanson shows off his mat burn,

Kenny Florian on Jack Hermansson,
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Jon Jones shows off his custom belt,

Adesanya doesn't have "Interim" on his Interim belt,

Matt Serra on Smoliakov,
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O'Malley on failed USADA test,
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Perry on Covington,
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Dana White confrims Lesnar won't return to the UFC,

O'Malley on USADA suspension,
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And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Comments 1476 Comments

Jon Eckerd
Brock your a ugly scare bitch.You were 5 and 3 in ufc..You suck
Who cares. Fuck that punk bitch fuckboy lesner.
Eric Bussman
Lmao.. Chill out Izzy. You gotta beat Whittaker before you are the champ
Julio Rodriguez
I honestly feel Stipe either staged that first fight and didn't know he wasn't gonna get an immediate rematch , or he under estimated Cormier. Watch this rematch be totally different
Rome Ibarra
I love mike 💪🏼
Buzzkill 808 Raven
So is anyone else gonna bet the farm on Jack Hermanson going undefeated in his next 3 bouts since Ken Flo predicts the opposite?
Jon Alba
so jon jones can fight dirty for life now, or as long as jeff novitsky remains in charge ... but youre telling me henry cejudo has olympic gold??? i cant believe both are true. wild
Lesnar afraid of getting ass kicked and thrown ass over teakettle by a guy half his size, lol
Just a reminder Cejudo is a gold medalist
Urban Chaos 2.0
These fighters are fucking retarded. They never complain about how the UFC lets Jon Jones cheat all day long, while suspending other fighters who get caught. If I were Sean O Mally, I'd be outraged. I'd let everyone know that the UFC is full of shit.
Nick Trybull
Fuck Perry, hes a dbag
But hes at least fought what 2 or 3 times since Colby has last fought
Who's the real pussy then lol?
Kin Slayer
The whole world knows it’s an interim but as long as the belt says no interim 🤦‍♂️
Dan Czepiel
hey dana are you not suppose to screen your fighters first ..the contender series and ultimate fighter are in place so this doesnt happen stop feeding us bullshit its getting old you knew this guy was a laydown fight to make the shitty greg hardy look good because your heavyweight division sucks so god damn bad cormier is a fucking joke and a half hasnt fought since freaking game of thrones started for fuck sake bud
Dan Czepiel
heard from someone in the business that hardys fight was totally fixed dana tries to make it sound like it was real but an its worse than the mayweather fight are u kidding me dana stop fixing fights for the guys you want wanted cejudo to lose to...probably giving dillshaw epo candies daily like edibles...tisk tisk ufc please use actual ufc trained fighters not random russian guys ..not everyone is khabib
Brock retires from MMA and not a single fuck is given 😆
robert holloway
mike perry can hardly beat his meat....thats why he got back with horse face hoe.....colby would fuck perry up within 2 rounds and fuck perrys gf up in the final round
Kerry Brennan
Brock Pulsenar
Payne Killer
If you think sugar Shane what's his name is on steroids you must be blind. So you won't read this comment either. Go Stipe!
So happy Brock isn't coming back. I just hope it stands because I really don't want to see another fighter who was suspended for doing PED's come back for a title fight instantly. What the UFC needs to do (since they are bitches and don't give life time bans to cheaters) is make them start from the bottom of the rankings. Regardless of their ability. Make them climb through the rankings without the PED's and prove to us all that they can do it naturally. People question, how long did TJ use EPO's for? Answer is unknown, how long did Brock use PED's for? How long did Jon Jones use PED's for? Make them climb the rankings and prove to us that they can do it.
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NBA's Best Crossovers | March Brock Lesnar won't return 1 day ago   12:49

Check out the best ankle breaking crossovers and handle plays from the month of March of the 2018-2019 NBA season!


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