Why Kobe still believes Buddy Top 10 Draft Years of All Time | NFL Films 2 months ago   13:42

Mike Korzemba
Will These FACTS Prove Kobe Right In Buddy Hield Becoming A STAR
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Terry Lam
Buddy is a star today
Cash Chaser
Kobe was right ! That boy balling this season 🐍 Mamba
Leroy Brown
The league has went to shit because of all the 19 year olds. That come in not ready to play.
LK Gaming
@Mike Korzemba I have always beloved in that man he will be a star but devin booker still is quite underrated and he has the potential to be better than Kobe and Jordan and that’s saying something
Mark Wisniak
Should've made all star game this year
9erjoe Empire
Best NBA fans Sacramento PROUD 🗣️ GO KINGS
9erjoe Empire
Obviously we won that trade buddy now with fox Bagley boggie Giles Barnes KINGS future is bright and buddy is a straight beast GO KINGS 💪
The Extermina6
Trust, he will be good. REAL GOOD!
Seki Koh
Did kings hire new manager ? how could they turn from a joke to great developer
jason v
8:16 wait didnt kobe demand a trade from the hornets😂😂😂
Ppl forgot steph wast a stud in his first few yrs.
Late to this but amazing video 💯
Bret Spain
20 ppg
Octivier Sweeting
i am a fellow bahamian buddy hield lets go bahamas
Benji Ambalo
here after buddy became really good!
Reminds me more of Paul Pierce. He's good.
Taiwan Forbes
who else is here after buddy hit the game winner like kobe was right
Ankur Javeri
Clearly video was made in the summer bc by the time this was posted you stand corrected. You dont have to make correction vids just cause every other comment will forever be Lonzo/Curry jabs. We still love your content so no need for a 13 min mybad I was wrong on Buddy H vid lol.
Ankur Javeri
Kings could turn out to be the best in the West in a few years. Kind of interesting how the West standings could flip where the bottom goes to the top. Look closely at the potential of these youngs. I mean if you had to make ceiling comps w the Kings. You got Fox who could reach Dame status, Buddy = D Wade, Bagley? , then roles who are doing ok. I mean this is really scary. Suns getting a top 3 pick too and you Ayton potential
Riley Maher
You got it wrong fam the kings have very loyal fans
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Top 10 Draft Years of All Time | NFL Films Why Kobe still believes Buddy 2 months ago   34:08

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