NEW YORK CITY 2018: RAIN London to Paris by Eurostar e320 9 months ago   26:21

Tomasz Bykowski
Hi, Everyone!

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I am saving for SONY A7SII camera :)

Thank You!

Let's go through the sun and rain! Streets look beautiful, regardless!

See You soon!

Our vlogging equipment:

Camera: Panasonic VX870

Editing laptop: Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 15-inch Laptop (Intel Core i7 2.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Intel Iris, OS Sierra) - mid 2015

Editing tool: Final Cut Pro X 10.4

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Arthur Giorgo
NEW YORK CITY 2018 wonderful Thank you lovely Germany
Donde quiera hay chicas hermosas :P
Necesito una gringa jejeje Saludos amigo.
Korea Walking Tripᅵ걸어서 한국 여행 [Korea]
You're doing great! Good video! Like and full view from friends!
jiří falout
NYC focusing on beautiful girls, great combination!
khushbu Srivastava
My dream city I wish one day come this place
Giorgio Mandelas
AMERICA SHIT::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Enayatullah Moradeyan
many thanks
Loredo Mattoni
8 million city 23 million metro
Farouqi Amin
I used to live in NJ and would always visit NY its really an interesting place and lots to observe ... I now live in FL and hate it... Thanks for the video
Sudhanshu Pandey
Your videos are so unique..... nobody had ever shown New York this way ... good job 😄👌👏
City of concrete, heartless, less trees, & flower, ,, European cities are better than this
deepjyoti paul
If you can make similar videos for all great cities around the world, it would be wonderful 😀
Paulo Junior
I love it so much
Paulo Junior
New York It's so amazing city as well l would like to know it
Krishna Kakde
Very nice city of new York
nia Pia
What camera are you using to record?
nia Pia
Luv ny
Guranna H Gidaganti
Supper city
Arthur Giorgo
NEW YORK CITY 2018 wonderful Thank you lovely yes Berlinale Germany
E. T.
So sieht einer freier moderne Welt aus Frauen und Männer beide zusammen unterwegs nicht so wie die Islamischen Länder nur Männer auf die Straßen und kaum Frauen. Aber fast jeder Muslime lebt gerne in westlichen Länder. Warum ?
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London to Paris by Eurostar e320 NEW YORK CITY 2018: RAIN 9 months ago   04:51

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