Top 6 Sports Car Bargains: How to Have Your 2018 Kia Stinger GT Twin Turbo 1 day ago   12:41

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( ) Top 6 Sports Car Bargains: How to Have Your New Sports Car Cake & Eat It Too!

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GT-R is the one to get if you are a multi-millionaire!
Nevin Storie
you twin turbo a viper lol id keep the v10
Dov Bomber
should have compared the gti and audi s3
Mert Ozbahcivanoglu
Civic si instead of type r😁
These two knuckleheads are the worst. They are pretenders, who know very little about cars; nor do they know how to drive. They're simply making these videos to make money by getting clicks -- which, sorry to say, I always get fooled into doing, based on the title . . . then, when I realize it's them, it's nothing but a waste of time -- Useless, inaccurate information and testing.
Bullshit on m2 it shit don’t cost no 25k
Brey Rosario
I’d be more interested in getting a Hellcat if it has AWD
Brey Rosario
Winners are on the right

Camaro vs Corvette
M4 vs M2
Golf R vs Golf GTI
Mustang GT vs Shelby GT350R
Nismo vs GT-R
Hellcat vs Viper
WoahNelly 01
The last one made me upset listening to. Makes less than a supercharged V8. The viper is natural aspirated and makes 645 vs the 707. There are examples of twin turbo vipers making 1300hp without breaking the bank...
cz luver
No Civic Type R?
Who edited the camera cuts? Quit it
RG 77
Some of these are ridiculous comparisons. They’re not even close to being the same car on some of them.
Hayden Cutrone
Mustang gt is great daily driver sports car
Hayden Cutrone
Same price for M4 you can get and M2 and a used m5
Tony Lee
I disagreed on Camaro and M2. Owning and driving a Corvette is much different than a Camaro. Owning a M4 is much different than a M2, M4 is a much larger and more luxury car. One buys a cheaper car because one couldn't afford more. One would not settle or less on one's desire.
Jason Cloud
I like the part about reports of reliability of the mustang. Wouldn't it be a lot more surprising if someone had a Ford that didn't fall apart?
Ya so where’s the Miata and frs??...
The Monk
Sorry but the chief engineer doesn't have a clue as to what he's talking about. A '14 base Stingray is quicker around VIR than a '17 SS 1LE, you can tell him that and if you don't believe me: Shame on you two for believing and pedaling such non-sense.
Juan equis
The only car worth a shits the 2 Mustangs.Plus there NO issue with the 180 degree crankshaft EVER. Just 2 idiots, especially when they throw Jap junk in the mix. Either of the mustangs are great daily drivers from the dozens of reports. Plus the Shelby will never depreciate,but only increase. .
2 red necks talk about sport cars?....Yawnnnn
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2018 Kia Stinger GT Twin Turbo Top 6 Sports Car Bargains: How to Have Your 1 day ago   09:34

MotoMan drives the twin turbo V6, 365 HP 2018 Kia Stinger GT – but first, a lesson on business on why this Kia Stinger GT even exists. Then he moves onto the best derivation of the 2018 Kia Stinger GT – the rear wheel drive Twin Turbo V6 . . .

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