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Why Donald Trump Is Feuding With | Tapper: This Clue Shows - At Up-Tube.com

Why Donald Trump is feuding with Tapper: This clue shows 2 days ago   07:22

President Donald Trump's relationship with his favorite news channel, Fox News, is on the rocks. Why? They’re giving airtime to Democrats.


Why Donald Trump feels betrayed by Fox News

Pete Buttigieg slams Fox News hosts while appearing on Fox News

'Wasted airtime': Donald Trump blasts Fox News for Pete Buttigieg town hall, coverage of Democrats

Why Elizabeth Warren Won’t Join Fellow 2020 Democrats on Fox News

Fox News’ Fake Fight with Democrats

DNC bars Fox News from hosting presidential primary debates; network urges party to reconsider

Stelter looks at the Trump, Fox News 'love story'

Breaking With Party, G.O.P. Lawmaker Says Trump’s Conduct Reaches ‘Threshold of Impeachment’

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Comments 2326 Comments

Donald Trump and Fox News have a relationship made in TV ratings heaven. Will this recent squabble have a lasting impact on their relationship?
aaron Adams
I hate all these fucking media hacks. You included! Just lies lies lies smh. Self righteous morons
dan w
FOX sucks just about as much as CNN at this point!
Ellis K
CNN = Communist News Network
Dana D
Bullshit OAN supports Trump.
Maybe you guys should worry more about your ratings and your accuracy. You guys suck.
Ken Elliott
Robert Ballard
Jesus this guy is a joke
free thinker
Ya we know we know , totalitarian journalism doesn’t exist in USA (6mai. News media vs 1 president!
Then you want the world the believe USA news? Rofl! Sorry but neutrality in journalism isn’t a 1 way street ! Did trump do go ? Did he do bad ? Who cares since journalism neutrality doesn’t exist in main news media anymore in usa
Helen Campbell
Is it any wonder why so many hate CNN the smug little full of ego Democratic lackies , spew venom like a cobra !!!!! No wonder there Ratings have dropped like a rock .Pres. Trump will win in spite of all the ads holes!!!!!!!
Luna 333
Love it, Chris! Love it
No one will ever believe any thing from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, NBC, or any Democrat EVER AGAIN.
I am glad I voted for Hilary.
Remember Micheal avanati! I just ordered my FNN t-shirt and will be proud to wear it!
Ralph Filigenzi
Hillary Clinton loving fake news CNN (Crooked News Network) has lower ratings than reruns of Gilligan's Island for good reason.
John Smith
where have all the trump moonies gone??lol
John Smith
Trump is the chosen one...lol What a buffoon
Donnie Carrasco Sr.
Can you Spell: FAKE NEWS, FAKE NEWS!  Demon-Crats Are Working Overtime to Deceive the American People Again with Main Goal to put a Spike between FOX News & Trump's relationship! THEY ARE GETING DESPERATE WORKING OVERTIME!  Think About it, You never hear FOX & Trump Tweeting ANY Problems Between Themselves????. Their is one commentator on Fox who jokes at Trump, {I think he is feeling sorry for the democrats} but it is Semi-fair.   Trump has a good chance 2020, Wealthy-Bernie is too Commy/Socialist hypocrite with Crazy plans like all the Socialist Left. Harris is too much of a liar like Hiawatha/Cheater! All the Open Border, Who Defy & disrespect our Nations Immigration Laws? .. Crazy Fools.. Why Don't They give Their Bank Check Books to the Illegal aliens Too! They ARE NOT GUARANTEED PROTECTION OF OUR BILL OF RIGHTS BECAUSE THEY ARE ILLEGAI!  English: Illegal is ILLEGAL!
Albert Stevens
spankie is orally constipated.He talks a load of shit.
John Tatum
Fox is not a perfect supporter of Pres. Trump...they have many folks who are staunch critics...such as Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, Chris Wallace, Sheppard Smith, ...just to name a few. Britt Hume now works for CNN and MSNBC.
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Tapper: This clue shows Why Donald Trump is feuding with 2 days ago   09:42

CNN's Jake Tapper says a sign on President Trump's podium suggests that Trump's Rose Garden remarks were not as impromptu as the White House led on.

#CNN #News