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The Silent Epidemic: Hiv/aids In Russia | Did Humans Create Hiv? - At Up-Tube.com

The silent epidemic: HIV/AIDS in Russia Did Humans Create HIV? 5 months ago   05:46

DW News
The number of new HIV infections is declining worldwide, but in Russia the epidemic is getting worse. Those infected are stigmatized and often insufficiently treated. In a country where the Orthodox church calls for abstinence, many are scared to speak out about their diagnosis.
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Heather Feather
Once again the German media wants to portray the average Russian as too ignorant to understand the AIDs epidemic. DW' s "news" stories are so predictable.
mutatya solomon
The government should health educated and sensitise the communities with high prevalence of HIV /AIDS on how to stay free from HIV. People should greatly modify their lifestyles
mutatya solomon
The strongest weapon to HIV is ABC......T, too much in Africa and USA
Susan Frisinga
Why is he out at night??
*This is full of memes*
1:45 *Cure for HIV is hand sanitizer*
Oh my goodness
Calvin Loo
Passing on old values to the current generation? I cannot imagine older generations are more tolerant to HIV+ individuals, or even better educated about the disease.

Hats off to this young brave man and everyone else out there like him.
Hi *Friend
Rodolfo Peraza
One word. Abstinence.
Ashley Churchill
I can’t believe people are still getting infected today. After watching what happened in the 90s, I’ve done everything to keep myself negative.
250 every day? Whoa. But can't talk about it because of its association with gay people when the new infections are coming from straight people. I know one couple, man and woman, both with aids and together. She is from Russia and he is from America. He married her and now she is living with him in the States getting treatment. What a world oO
I never realised how uneducated Russians are. LMAO! "They should really wash their hands." Priceless!
Jon Bobie
The cheap solution to treatment from indonesia just $40 kill and clean sweep the virus on yourblood among two month whatapps +6287878567291 sorry my english not good yet
Ziggy Stardust
You're amazing and beautiful Vitaly❤️❤️❤️Keep up the great work!
Ali Khan
Russia slowing becoming land of junkies or was it always like this. What's the reason behind this epidemic? Is this country full of horny people or illiterate?
Oleg Kostadinov
3:40 lost hope for my country, 4:50 restored hope for my country.
Harsimran Kohli
3:22 that's me when Maths lecture is going on.....
John Smith
HIV positive people are often drug addicts, gays or people having sex left and right without any concerns for health or family. Such attitude to HIV positive people is totally justifiable. I know one guy with HIV he was in jail and also an alcoholic, maybe also a gay I'm not sure, this is true for 90% of the cases. So if you happen to be one of such people isn't it fair to be socially isolated, considering the fact that you yourself living anti-social life style?
Grace Antonio
Stop sexual promiscuity as it is a sure way to get HIV & spread it.
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Did Humans Create HIV? The silent epidemic: HIV/AIDS in Russia 5 months ago   07:06

The scientific consensus says that HIV evolved from SIV - a disease of apes that spread to humans. But another theory says its origins lie not in nature, but in the lab...

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