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What The Cdc And States Are Doing To Stop | Measles Vaccine Fears On Social - At Up-Tube.com

What the CDC and States Are Doing to Stop Measles vaccine fears on social 2 days ago   03:22

Wall Street Journal
With measles outbreaks continuing to rise as the summer travel season heats up, WSJ’s Lorie Hirose takes a look at state vaccination laws and what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is doing to fight the disease. Photo Illustration: Laura Kammermann

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אדיר יוסף
israel: have a measles outbrake
UN; *chaering happely*
zhuoli xie
Religious exemptions? As if their deity will cover every person, whether vaccinated or not. Be responsible.
jacky zhu
Make mandatory vaccines. No opt outs, and the only ones who are opted out are very young babies, old men, and cancer patients with chemotherapy. Anti-vaxxers will be taking vaccines, even if it means “harming” them. And anyone who tries to opt out without the criteria, is hit with more taxes (way more, like 99 cents for every dollar), no schooling (no homeschooling from Andrew Schlafly, who is dumb as a wingnut), no Internet, nothing that can help their lives be as convenient as a sane person won’t be given to a person who is mad because he/she is an anti-vaxxer.
Jennifer Isaacs
Well the anti science cults are fighting back. Also those with desire to neglect and abuse kids because of views that parent rights are more important than kids rights.
Cracking down on illegal aliens would help,in the 1920s sending Europeans with disease's back to Europe helped much!!
Can an individual who is vaccinated, still carry the disease if they travelled abroad?
Margarita Martinez
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Margarita Martinez
Stacy Clarkson
Stopping illegal immigration, and screening is how you control disease!!
George Kellogg
Mandatory vaccinations, no excuse. Your religious freedom is trumped by my personal safety. Science>religion.
Will the un-vaccinated allow viral mutation, such that it could infect the immune?
Kathleen Murphy
It's not unvaccinated American children that are causing these outbreaks it's from people crossing the border bringing their kid the didn't have vaccinations one.
Kathleen Murphy
Why are there so many kids with emotional problems there never were before? It's because instead of getting one vaccine one shot at their one-year check-up the nurse lays out three needles which is really 5 immunizations no wonder kids are getting sick no wonder kids are allergic to peanuts no wonder we have over half the population of children sick on medication all the time on bronchial dilators getting breathing treatments it's it's like ridiculous. My oldest son is going to be 50 next year and he maybe had a little over a dozen Shots by the time he was 18 now kids are close to 70 shots not counting the ones their triple like NMR by the time they're 18. But it's not the unvaccinated kids that are causing this it's the kids coming across the border that you here coughing on all these videos it's the adults bringing TV into this country that can't be cured with an antibiotic unbelievable the diseases that are coming in. Our ancestors that immigrated legal aid from Europe we're not allowed into the country if they were sick they were not going to become Wards of the state they had to have a sponsor now people are handed $1,000 credit card once they're processed and the churches and synagogues and mosques if any mistake them in are paid $2,000 a person by our government to help these people found housing and fill out all the government forms. Anyone on social security has to pay for their medical benefits I think it's over $200 a month we don't get free medical care and we paid into Social Security and Medicare all our lives. But once these people cross the border they get free medical care! And now California is giving free medical care to illegal alien young people age 19 to 26 it's going to cost the state Millions. It already paid for their medical bills from the time they were little chill 18 so now they're giving them more free medical care for another 7 years. They're worried they're not going to have enough doctors now. And people that get free medical care of use it I saw someone who I know was getting free medical care in Urgent Care because their kid had a scratch on them ridiculous all I needed to do was clean the big scratch and put a bandaid on it that's all they did at Urgent Care why
David Heller
Is chickenpox coming back?
David Heller
Robo measles
The reason why there are so many nearsighted people is because their ancestors were able to survive cholera and other deseases due to a mutated CFTR protein. Who knows what price must be paid to survive measles, mumps and or rubella.
Qinby 1
And now we just wait for polio to take hold….
A clear sign of the "dumbification" of people *AND THE MEDIA* confusing opinion with science and fact.
KD Roc
So.... exactly how is measles being spread if everyone is vaccinated? If you’re not vaccinated, you get measles. It’s called thinning out the herd. Not a bad thing. Relax people.... let nature run its course.
Sargent Sandvich
And all you had to do was vaccinate your kids
dialeigh slow
I call this BS.
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Measles vaccine fears on social What the CDC and States Are Doing to Stop 2 days ago   06:05

As cases of measles soar globally, the Philippines is facing a major outbreak.

But controversy over a dengue fever vaccine saw confidence in the country's immunisation programmes fall.

One mother told the BBC that misinformation on television and social media led her to ignore government advice to have her children vaccinated against measles, a decision she hopes no other parents make.

The BBC's Global Health Correspondent Tulip Mazumdar investigates.

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