Amir - Looking for you (English version) 4 months ago   03:37

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Lindsey Meehan
The lyrics translate differently in songs, bc they have to actually make sense... so yeah some of the lyrics in French will sound more fluid... not so choppy, jus like how the part that’s English, in the French version is more fluid in this version
Carmen Blachere
Attasit L
I like french mixed English version ^^
Savvas Charitonidis
Amazing Voice really ... Next Version Could be Greek ^_^
アルカー •エリー
The French version still has to be the best but the others are great too! 👌🏻
The Gaming Lion
WHAT THE... I just wanted some dank memes from Mama Luigi...
Meg Monahan
Like it but not as much as french version even though ik no french😂
Roland Denis
ça fait bizarre en anglais
Cheyenne litty Litty
Ben Farmer-Webb
Why is it I always hate English versions to Psanish and French versions.
— ѕυgιтocнι
Jeg Norsk. xD
Rose Maker
Tu pourrais mettre les paroles?
Abrar Mohiuddin
ah, thats why the French version is like this one
Nhung Nhung
someone give me a lyrics please :( Thanks
Artem A.
michaldayan michal123
תשמע אתה תותח.....
Mubanga Lumpa
and the title j'ai cherché means I was looking for...theres no you
Mubanga Lumpa
sorry but I know quite some French and its definitely not translated into that...e.g. the qui dormait la qui dormait part is sleeping there sleeping there and not sorry I'm not sorry and what not
Mubanga Lumpa
these lyrics are so wrong
Sveriges *
I m like French version ..... not very good...
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Amir - Looking for you (English version) 4 months ago   07:59