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Windows 10 Disk Space Cleanup | - At Up-Tube.com

Windows 10 Disk Space Cleanup 1 day ago   14:45

This video will show you how to clean your drive in Windows 10 for faster performance and better boot times. Nowadays, it doesn’t take long to fill up our drives. Those programs, games, videos, pictures and files on your computer taking up space can have a negative impact on performance. In this Windows 10 tutorial, I will show you the numerous features, settings and programs that will help you to clean up space on your drive and remove the junk wasting resources on your drive.

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“Windows 10 Tips & Tricks” Playlist
Top 5 CCleaner Alternatives for Maintaining Your PC!

0:27 Empty Recycle Bin
1:21 Delete Files Using Disk Cleanup
2:25 Remove Restore Points
3:08 Use Storage Sense
5:12 Uninstall Apps, Games and Bloatware
5:51 Remove Other Programs
6:24 Delete Files in AppData Folder
7:14 Move Files to External Drive
7:51 Change Where Future Content is Saved
8:29 Move Installed Apps & Games to New Drive
9:26 Delete Other Users
9:58 OneDrive Files Online Only
10:38 Disable Hibernate
11:30 Analyze Drive Usage
12:45 3rd Party Maintenance Software
13:11 Reset This PC or Fresh Start




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Comments 99 Comments

Hopefully this video helps you to free up space and remove the unimportant junk on your drives... Thanks for watching :)
thank u this helped so much
rositeaspinosa _
I feel like there’s barely anything downloaded on my pc but it still shows I have almost no space left
When you deleted Vikki 😆
EPIC from epic games dude
my laptop doesnt have disc cleanup someone help pls
bodol neregch
I have spent months researching into speeding up Macs and discovered a fantastic resource at Mels Speed Method (google it if you are interested)
fathertec swaggy
you should be my teacher this new year lol nice video man gg
The Wandering Aristotle
Use RidNacs software to check files that are taking space and remove them accordingly.
Aniket Ajgalle
The Johnson Kids
I tried all of this and more .. and once I delete it keep come back .. whey? Help ?
Sanya Sayon
Thanks very much for this wonderful tutorial. You have been helping people all around the world.
Does anyone know what do to buy more storage for a windows 10 laptop I don't know what to type
Sunny Candyy•
Just delete system32
craig fr
vid very informative but how do you remove the items that Microsoft WILL NOT delete . It can be recovered with undelete even when deleted from recycle bin.
Fred Houston-McMillan
How can you find duplicate files for deletion ? Enjoy your videos ....
leen.v.r 51N 4E
thanks 👍👍👍
ner ner
do yo have a guide for 7 and 8.1? thank you
gorda allsop
I have windows 10-however when I follow your steps to use "storage sense", it does not exist......i noticed that on your videos.The certain steps to take to follow what you are showing in your videos- they do not exist. I have an HP windows 10 system.
Just a correction, the command powercfg /hibernate off , don't disable only the hibernation but also disable fast startup
For disable only the hibernation use this command - powercfg /h /type reduced

Have 2 Hibernation Files Type, Full and Reduced.

Full - Default Size (40% of physical memory) and the Supported power states (fast startup, hybrid sleep, hibernate)
Reduced - Default Size (20% of physical memory) and the Supported power states (fast startup)
Richard Scratcher
It's always a good idea to Install a file shredder to safely delete more sensitive files.
Like pictures of your wanger or Mrs Scratcher stepping out of the bath tub.
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Windows 10 Disk Space Cleanup 1 day ago   11:38

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