2016 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ 71 presentation 2016 SILVERADO Z71 OFF ROAD - IN DEPTH 5 months ago   07:19

Javier Mota
2016 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ 71 presentation by Chief Designer Brian Izard

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Willubhave One
Nicest chevy truck 2018 prior years, the 2019 Chevy Silverado (Ford Design) is not what I expected out of the designers at GM to copy a almost Ford F-150 duplicate...Dodge went with a more smoother look and said we are keeping our design cause it sells, guarantee Dodge is going to make top sales for the next couple of years...learn from the Dodge Brothers-don't be a follower but a leader...
I LOVE my new 2016 silverado. I sold my piece of crap 2016 F150 and never looked back
DesertZO6 NM
Can someone explain why some silverados have the ugly cheap looking headlights with the individual LEDs and some have the nice solid led like this one?
What I don't understand is why almost every review glosses over one of the biggest and best updates, in my opinion. Xenon, or LED headlamps are standard across the line. NO MORE HALOGEN! Maybe the older generation prefers the old style and performance... But this single change is huge!
Austin Gillespie
What color is this truck? Ford guy, but god damn that truck is beautiful! Very proud of GM! Need to know that color!!!
B in moud
Fuck you
Lopaka Volmer
i like the sexybloodmurderroadkill color.
but it shouldn't take more than fucking 15 seconds to explain a grill, aka apologizing for the 2013 fascia.
pure aggrostylistmarketing speil.
2001 Chevy swb loaded 5.3 ltr is what I have ...Best looking truck , to me ..200k runs & looks great
Josh Hidey
anyone have any idea what the HID bulb size is for this truck? i have a one and cannot for the life of of me figure out the darn bulb size.. the dealership when they look it up they cant even tell you.. unless i was just dealing with some special people, thanks in advance!
B Garrett
I noticed people are saying that they don't like the Chrome they like to paint better. number one there's nothing ugly about that truck. however I would rather have the Chrome because I'm telling you now take it from a detailer, all that paint up front is just going to chip from all the Rocks hitting it on the road. Chrome is going to stay pretty much longer.
Tikkuaktuk Ivalulinik
Dont buy American buy Foreign if you want a lasting truck.
Charles Gardner
If this is the best design this dude can do, he needs a new line of work. Chevy should fire his ass.
Bassmaster Florida
Nobody wants to be a Chrome Soldier
La Ferrari
I love it, it has a completely new design and GM is truly thinking forward
Moha Skalka
looks like a fat camaro lol
is that front bumper as hard as the chrome one?
Awesome new look !!
looks more...Asian. The 14-15 trucks were great looking. Almost had a throwback look.
I like it all except for the vertical foglights. I mean, really? Horizontal lamps would look and flow much better.
Railroads Across Maine
They need to fire whoever designed this atrocity. The previous 14/15 model is much nicer looking!
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2016 SILVERADO Z71 OFF ROAD - IN DEPTH 2016 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ 71 presentation 5 months ago   06:52

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