Henry: Klopp is perfect for Liverpool John Henry at the Hillsborough Memorial 2 days ago   05:40

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Henry in his interview: Klopp is perfect for Liverpool

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ash unknown
Fucking amercian shows the colours siging nw !!! Starting to sitingy
Darren Mccann
Arise Sir John W Henry.u have saved our club and allowed us to dream
LongJohn Gold
Liverpool definitely is in good hands with Henry
Michael Bridges
In my football Manager 2019 Henry sold the Club to Ed Balls in 2025 i hope that don't become reality,but i won 3 titles and 3 champions league......YNWA
Mas A
2010: Buys the club for 300m. 2019: Liverpool are worth 2.8 Billion.
Khan Bhai
An iguana is speaking at the start of this video ! He must be a white lizard
Lee Dawkins
In administration??! 😳
Darren Mccann
John W Henry is a living legend. Smart as fuck and without knowing anything about the game in less then 10 years turned us into European Champions. Thank U John for giving us fans memories and feelings that will last a lifetime
Siraaj Uddin
John Henry 👑
Merc Harris
He sounds like Cristian Bale
Liverpool 4 Ever
This is The Man behind all of our recent development .....Thank you from the bottom of our hearts .....ynwa
Guido Ochoa
His last answer should of been
“Not winning the league means we weren’t the best team in the league.
We win the champions league means we are the best team in Europe”
We all know how it played out
Paul Scott
Him and Klopp have made lfc great again Thank you sir
Andrew Scott
Watching this...props to FSG. Now we can only hope the Glazers remain at Utd for another 20 years...
Hdhd hbdbd
You greedy bastards enough is enough😡
John Lynn
We’re very lucky to have FSG as our owners, they’ve been the best American owners in the premier league by a mile. Some of the stuff you hear about that we’re doing off the pitch in terms of identifying players is out of this world.
Fird Sof
Americans. Always know how to win things in life. Good job boss Henry. By the way u have beautiful wife. :)
This is what it’s all about. The Owners love the team, staff, the Boss and the fans, we love the Boss, our lads, the staff and the Owners. It’s a two way street, and that’s what being part of this wonderful LFC family means. They are right. THIS MEANS MORE!
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John Henry at the Hillsborough Memorial Henry: Klopp is perfect for Liverpool 2 days ago   03:09

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