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Crossing Paths With The Man Who Fired | Eating Pizza With Christian - At Up-Tube.com

Crossing paths with the man who FIRED Eating Pizza with Christian 1 year ago   12:25

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I watched another video of your story. Very inspirational.
Faisal Al Busaidi
Try a test a race all of your cars together pls🐳
lol boi
"you should try in and out" me be like . but i live in canada
Mukesh Kumar Shaw
My birthday is on 1st April and I was disappointed that I couldn't celebrate my birthday in the year 2016 but now I felt elated over the fact
Mukesh Kumar Shaw
Homie where is your Audi tt ?I hope that u have kept it safely as a momento
kool vlogs dude ur inspirational
new subscriber
Rohaan Faisal
Bro the intro I think you are with the Dude perfect🔥
Justin Day
Now u own 7 and soon 8 cars.
Jhonatan SalinS
Will f him
Car Lady
Can you maybe try to find a happy medium between old you awkward & new you awkward spastic? I honestly liked your older videos a little better bc u didn’t appear to be on crack back then 🤦🏼‍♀️😆. Please take a few deep breaths & maybe cut back on coffee/energy drinks 🙏🏼.
People dont fire good workers.
tommy d u b b s
But like why would he fire you immediately ...bit weird
tommy d u b b s
Man this guy loves keeping his hands up
Notorious Edits
How did it crash
Big Smoke • 1 second ago
Girls to stradman be like:
Girl: do you own a bmw?
Girl:you disgust me

Stradman:*cries in 6 cars*
Ethan Ferris
He said April 1st 2016, when his boss said he was fired the first thing that came to his mind was is this an April fool's day joke?
Ryan Peterson
Your garage door opener light cover is open.... for some reason it's bugging me ha ha
Lisa & Dennis O'Rourke
We need more videos w/ your ex boss, priceless 👍🏻👍🏻
Vance Esau
Anyone else come to the realisation that he was fired on 1 April. i mean what if it was a prank?
Tony A.
And today 11/27/2019 a day before thanksgiving, you have 2.2 million subs
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Eating Pizza with Christian Crossing paths with the man who FIRED 1 year ago   10:44

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