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Switzerland, the country that boasts of unparalleled natural beauty, is one of the primary tourist destinations in the world. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on earth – its home to lakes, picturesque mountains, tiny walled medieval towns, soaring peaks, beautiful churches, and endless green fields you want to run through.

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Shaunaa Roaini
How to live there? 😭
Min Gummy
Suatu saat pasti aku akan ke Switzerland. Amiin Amiin💜
Larissa Anddrade
Dana Jordan
I’m Swiss but I moved away 😩😩😩
Ema Nasir
Beautiful place but number beauty makkah al mukarmmah for me😘😘💞💞💕💕
tiru yoga
Wonderful amazing videos. God bless you. I will visit this place. Thank you.
Dhananjay Pansare
Amazing beautiful it's heaven on earth
The Planet Earth
I love you Switzerland!
One day, I'll visit you and savor your beauty and feel the warmth of your embrace. :-)
The Planet Earth
This country is heaven like.

I wish my country is as clean as this, as discipline as this, as peaceful as this. I wish I was born swiss. Nevertheless, I am still proud from where I came from. :-)
beautiful place in the word.
Nisha Sarkar
Thanks for uploading this video... Plz reply
Emad Emu
Your name is not my your name is Kim Jong own Maya is American name
Kevin 080592
im a mountain child. which means I love hiking on to the mountains!..switzerland is probably a paradise for me!
Martin Wettstein
I‘m from Switzerland and i like hiking. This country is amazing.
Hoi zäme
Zhr Abbasi
many thanks dear Maya
waqar umer
Pakistan have much better and glorious places than Switzerland, like Hiliya mountains range, second largest peak K2, quraquram killer peak and hundreds other peaks, when ever you visit must see gilgit baltistan and Kohistan. Kaghan and Neelum Valleys are so beautiful. We don't need to go Switzerland.
ugly place will never travel there
Carlos Zavala
Can a mexican leave here without being discriminated or ask where his from?
xd Elvis
Heaven on earth
Greetings from Lebanon
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Visit Switzerland: 5 Things You Will Amazing Places To Visit - Switzerland 3 months ago   06:00

Wandering the Alps, Canyoning in Interlaken, Eating Fondue & Chocolate, there is so much to love about visiting Switzerland as a tourist, but with sky high prices, offhand service & did I mention the prices, there are a few things to hate as well. This video is for travelers heading to Switzerland and wanting to know what they will love & hate about visiting Switzerland.
I love Switzerland.
I hate Switzerland.
Which one are you?
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