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Does Alissa Violet’S Body | After Watching This You Will - At Up-Tube.com

Does Alissa Violet’s Body After watching this you will 11 months ago   16:47

Derek Van Schaik
Does Alissa Violet’s Body Language Prove She LIED In Shane Dawson’s Part 7 The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul?

Shane Dawson is doing a numerous part video series on the YouTube star Jake Paul. The first part was The Mind of Jake Paul, then The Dark Side of Jake Paul, next The Family of Jake Paul, The Enemies of Jake Paul, The World of Jake Paul, The Secrets of Jake Paul, and now Shane video is the part 2 finale, The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul featuring Jake's Ex Girlfriend Alissa Violet.

One of the questions Shane was aiming to answer was whether or not Jake is a sociopath. During this first part of Shane’s Jake Paul series finale, The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul, he interviews Alissa Violet at her home where she lives with FaZe Banks and other social media influencer, such as RiceGum.

Find out what insights body language will reveal and what did she possibly lie to us about in Shane’s The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul Part 7?

In the comments: Do you think Alissa was more attracted to Logan Paul than Jake Paul all along? Let everyone know in the comments below.

If this video gets over 624 likes, I’ll know you enjoyed it and want to see a body language analysis on Shane’s long awaited series finale interview with Jake Paul.

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Body Language Proof Jake Paul LIED In Shane Dawson’s The Secrets of Jake Paul

What secrets does body language reveal in Shane Dawson's The World of Jake Paul interview?

All The Proof You Need That Jake Paul Is A Sociopath

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Comments 10 Comments

Psa Psa
Kristin D
I know im late to the game, but i do believe Alissa fell harder for Logan because he knew how to play with her emotions.... he knew she was vulnerable because of the hell that his brother was putting her through.. there may have been a few genuine moments from him... but ultimately i believe he knew he was able to get whatever he wanted from her and knew she'd go for it because she was so vulnerable...
Besides all that though, I'm not sure how you popped up in my recommendations, but I'm so happy you did! Definitely subscribing 😁😘
Prophet Ascending
Jake Paul just won award.

It was Maggot Magazines "Guy You'd Most Like To See Fall Down A Flight Of Stairs And End Up A Paraplegic".

Maggot magazine is a bi monthly lifestyle publication which casts an enquiring eye over the biggest scum bags in social media and entertainment at large.

Jake Paul will be presented with his trophy, a real life turd with maggots crawling on top, at a star studded ceremony in Los Angeles next month.
UrMomGay NoU
I would eat bing cherries out of Erika’s ass all weekend long, what a fox! U know JP’s lil donger didn’t do any lasting damage so she’s probably 👍
Lawliet River
Fun fact: Too much eye contact is a stronger indicator for lying than too little. This is because they want to see if their lie landed and you believed them.
Orrrrrrr, people like you teach liars to lie even better. Some are Masters.
emma barnett
Yep. Sheet digs logan more than jake xxx
Nathan Currie
So Jake and Paul are two different people. Neat
Godfrey Jemand
What GREAT EXPERTS you are... NOT.
Why don't you just quit? Who cares about any of you. You have soooo many subs.
Lissa Love
How anyone can be attracted to either of them is beyond me! 🤢🤮
I don't envy her place in life. It's a shitty place to be in where you have genuine feelings for someone who treats you poorly.
LTrain 45
This nigga Shane be so freaked out his eyes goin all different ways and shit!
El Bori Blas B15
At that time 2:57. Bro you kill me with that you really disappointed me listening to you .put in your self like that you spouse to be a Profeciona body language expert and tou can't tell if this person is lying or notam a really listening person ... God blessed you
Space Alien
I feel bad for Alissa and all. But i can't stop thinking how freaking gorgeous she is, i mean holy shit, she is perfect.
boo hoo
Mad Dog Murdoch
I hate liars. They slow down our evolution because we have to sift through all the shit they pile up on our path to understanding. No matter how small unless it is meant to save someone from feeling horrible. I hate liars with a fking passion, especially over privileged little rat bags with weak parents.
Irina Irinka
I think it's not a question that she was attracted to Logan more,it's that she trusted Logan at some point,but never trusted Jake. The "mixed" feelings she has of him I think it's a thing of she feels kinda special that she was the vehicle of them distributing "hate" to eachother. She knows she was a pawn, but is weirdly an exclusive one,if you know what I mean.
Alexis Maria
Smh I feel bad for her! Poor thing. Logan is trifiling too but just immature lol, maybe a little self-centered Narcissitic(sp?) Yes she deff liked Logan more :(
Wesley Gray
She's so dang gorgeous.
Cesar Lezama
Low morals and low self esteem, sad young people see these people as role models
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After watching this you will Does Alissa Violet’s Body 11 months ago   10:11

After watching this video you will probably dislike Kendall Jenner, there is nothing wrong if you like her content, but you have to admit she can be a horrible person sometimes...

Next week I will be dropping an official music video
NOTE: This video is just for entertainment purposes. I don't dislike Kendall a lot.

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