Episode 16: Kerry Dale II Earnhardt family at NASCAR Hall 3 months ago   03:12

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JRM 360 gets the inside scoop on Kerry Earnhardt's reaction when he learned his son, Jeffrey, planned to make his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) wrestling debut last month. Kerry also tells about an upcoming project he has been working on to bring his passion for hunting to the fans.

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Chris Grace
Kerry is awesome!
The shop has so many more cars than there used to be
Clayton Goines
my right ear really enjoyed this! :)
Well he has his chance now!!..Hopefully he does well...
John Mason
Of course, I know he will. I just threw that out there 'cause I'm the best strike trainer this side o' the Mississippi :]
Nigel Webster
it was his first fight. So, he is going to improve in time
John Mason
I just watched the whole fight, Jeffrey could become one of the Great's! Needs strike training, but I love how honest he was and said racing is his priority. He showed a lot of character in the interview, I'll be routing for him both on the track and in the ring.
Darren Waldo
Nice Kurt Busch impression at the end.
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Earnhardt family at NASCAR Hall Episode 16: Kerry Dale II 3 months ago   06:47

Here is the press conference of Teresa Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kelley Earnhardt Elledge, Kerry Earnhardt and Taylor Earnhardt following the NASCAR Hall of Fame induction ceremony (part 2).