10 Things Missing In Super Mario Everything YOU NEED to Know BEFORE 2 days ago   06:51

Super Mario Maker 2 is a bigger and better version of the Wii U game...in most ways. While it has a new game mode and more elements to place, some of the original's personality and charm didn't make the cut. It seems every fly has been swatted.

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Larry the Echidna
I really do hope we get a future update that's add a few things
Kota B
I dont need a fly seat minigame, I live in Texas and its summer. We have mosquitos, flies and mini boss June bugs.
Mario Maker 2 just forgot about its older brother Mario Paint
considering the state of the Virtual Console it makes sense
Super Prof. Mario
The rock/ mountain theme
Yeah, I don't understand why the Costume Mushroom and the Weird Mushroom were removed from the SMB game style. Why remove items when you can just add more?
I never got them.
bella zuppa
When I got random death sounds my Wii U froze...
Mario maker 2 is pulling the gamefreak
Kenneth Kay
I mostly liked Mario maker for the amiibo costumes. Without them my intrest in the game is halved. I want to play as Greninja or Lucas, not just mario.
Yea I want those challenge levels that you can unlock other characters. Like Ness or Squirtle or R.O.B. I hope they adds in later that's what I wanted the most
Golden Unown
1:56 *Wrong
Poison water
Mario maker 3 should be 1 and 2 combined with everything else that is missing and mario galaxy mode
Daysformore Likeasomness
The fly minigames and the cat law and the amibo costume
I'm more upset at the fact I expected more than what we got. It's missing at least 10-15 enemies that would have been great to have in the game, especially torpedo ted. I always forget about him till I go and make a water level, design it with him in mind then realize oops, forgot he doesn't exist.

Here's hoping they add some content in periodically and hopefully a good amount.
Well let's not lose hope. Nintendo could release an update that brings it all back.
It's way better than the previous version buttt I'm going to find a couple negatives that do matter and focus on them... How people think in first world countries
Logan George
I still have trauma from the first Mario maker fly minigame
Logan George
There are like 6 possible outcomes in #1
tiru liru
These missing things need to be quickly in Mario Maker 2!
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Everything YOU NEED to Know BEFORE 10 Things Missing In Super Mario 2 days ago   12:07

If you're hyped about Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch then this video is for you! I go over all the commons terms used by the community to bring you up to speed on all the Mario Maker lingo. Stuff like Super Mario Maker tech, troll levels, and safety coins.

Are you looking to improve your Super Mario Maker 2 level design? This playlist is for you!


Super Mario Maker 2 is releasing THIS MONTH! I hope this video helps you become familiar with all the Super Mario Maker info that will carry over into the sequel. If you enjoy these informational videos be sure to subscribe!






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