Polo G Feat. Lil Tjay - Pop Out 🎥By. Polo G - Hollywood (Official Video)🎥Ryan 1 year ago   03:01

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Jessica Ja
This song is popping out of my mind love your song called Pop out
Tiffinee Edwards
brianna harris
My two favorites!
I remember watching this song when this song was on 1m
This song will be Loki good if Rick rock took it over
Aziya ellison
Dang if they did they will be so good
good content
Crazy how lil tjay was 17 years old in this music video
Konstantin Kurtz
Bradyn Frosch
happy bday
Edward Atkins
Im a big fan of him too
Yung Shadow
Happy birthday pop out
Yung Shadow
Yo you lot enjoying pop out
Todari Wayne
When I’m Mad I Listen To This Song On Repeat 🤣 It Makes Me Feel Like I Won A Boxing Match
Like-Polo G
Comment-Lil Tjay
Anette Clements
That part by lil tjay so fucking slapped in this song “my hands can do the job and I ain’t talkin masterbate
Edward Atkins
Sh*t snappin
Fake Name
kleo es ra aris
Dremare Redmond gomillion
Hayden Brownen
Book a flight to Cali Rock and condoms in my suitcase
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Polo G - Hollywood (Official Video)🎥Ryan Polo G Feat. Lil Tjay - Pop Out 🎥By. 1 year ago   03:07

Unsigned 19yr old North side of Chicago Artist Polo G