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The mobile industry sucks. So here at Three, we’ve taken a pledge: “When stuff sucks, make it right”.

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How we protect your personal data TV Ad | Jackson speaks out #makeitright | Three 1 week ago   01:52

We collect information when you register for services, and use our website or app. Our promise to you is that we only collect data with your permission and we’ll only collect data that allows us to:

- Process applications.
- Conduct fraud and credit checks.
- Administer your account and provide products and services.
- Analyse activity and develop new products.
- Conduct market research.
- Keep you up to date with Three products and services, subject to
your marketing preferences.
- Finally, we commit we’ll store data securely and only for as long as necessary.

By giving us access to this data, you help us provide the best customer service and develop the best products for you.

If you want to change your permissions, or no longer want to hear about new offers from us, log into My3 and choose Marketing Preferences under My Details.

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