Repairing my Salvage Ferrari's F1 Transmission I Bought a Wrecked Porsche 911 Really 2 days ago   10:54

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The faulty pump to repair my Salvage Ferrari's F1 Transmission is $1,000 at the dealer. On eBay they cost around $700, but it turns out the F1 Transmission is similar to one found in early 2000's Alfa Romeo and Fiats; so lets shop those parts instead...

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Thorstein Klingenberg
"Alfa Romeo and FIIIAAAT". When the 360 was made 90% of Ferrari was owned by... FIAT. So yeah.
Pump is nowhere near it lol. Hole pitchings are different and the shaft flats are different.
Frankie Batsu
Love these videos like Samcrac and rich rebuilds Can anyone tell me if this is the SEMA car I found at the auction?
I messed up
My question is: how long will the cheap parts last. there's a good reason why the pump had a different part number. the electrical motor its self. might be setup for a lower flow rate. a short lesson in electric motors. it's about the winding, brushes and magnets. here's how it is. some dc motor have more winding on the rotor producing a lower rpm and higher torque. and other dc motors have fewer windings on the rotor producing more rpms and lower torque. so where they look the same. they can be setup completely different for the application it's being used for.
4 min blablabla👎
jacob van halteren
Lesson really was that ATVs suck. Get a dirtbike
kastriot destani
Holy Fuck Sam 2 minutes of advertisement
Marco Cummings
Repping DU Hockey?!!! That's dope!
keep laying that battery cable on the battery creating arc to the system see how much more shit you can fuck up, FFS are all high end car owners morons?
Kristopher beaudry
Hey do you know anybody need a Ford grill 2017 hit me up
Dark Logiccc
you should have bought a yamaha 700r, they are a lot better then honda in my opinion
Matt Bates
It's pretty interesting actually, I'm a British guy married to an American and my wife owns a 2012 Passat. I have found it significantly cheaper to order OEM parts for that car on the European market like eBay UK etc. For example a simple Bowden cable for the door latch actuator here was going for around $39, but I got it shipped from Latvia on eBay for $14 BRAND NEW OEM. Worked a treat.

As for different part numbers, same part that is really common in my experience working on cars in Europe. Just find out who is the sister car manufacturer or who owns who and try searching the part for THAT brand. For instance VW parts tend to work in Audi's and Skoda's and Seats and vice versa.
Great informative video
Paul-Ivo B.
Skip to 02:37
Side markers are from fiat punto mk2. It is expensive car put together from second class automakers car parts. hahahahaha...
Dimitri Valkenburg
Boston George
I hate all these fucking ads
Frank GiGi
DHL is great got a part imported from canada in less than one day normal shipping =
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I Bought a Wrecked Porsche 911 Really Repairing my Salvage Ferrari's F1 Transmission 2 days ago   17:10

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I bought a Cheap Porsche 911 at the salvage auction. Time for a new rebuild project!

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Mail: Samcrac
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