Repairing my Salvage Ferrari's F1 Transmission Is the Salvage Auction Ferrari's Engine 1 day ago   10:54

History Channel's Car Week Kicks Off with Evel Live 2! Sunday July 7th 8PM EST/5PST:

The faulty pump to repair my Salvage Ferrari's F1 Transmission is $1,000 at the dealer. On eBay they cost around $700, but it turns out the F1 Transmission is similar to one found in early 2000's Alfa Romeo and Fiats; so lets shop those parts instead...

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nyc king
If you cant afford the bills for a Ferrari , do not own as simple as that
Was really starting to like you..until I caught a glimpse of the horrid blue and orange. Seemed like such a sharp fella. Makes me wonder where it all went wrong .
Pierre Labbe
Love Wow Canada
Tiah Jenkins
Video starts at 5:00 thank me later
Leslie Barker
I give up after watching 4 videos on the Ferrari I don’t know what video is what and I’m giving up. I hope you got it going. Again please number your videos like episode 1 and 2 would be helpful
Zack Tim
it seems that Ferrari is not a good car unless you get it as a brand new from the factory
Cheekeyballs Gaming
You have been a huge help and i have learned from you past ferrari vids sm only 21 now bit in the futere when i move out to another counrty i qill be more co fident and happy to start on my dream car thank you for keepin me inspired and lovin project cars
Frankie Bella
Itaian trash 👎..Hello"" you by the meat balls !!!😂
Yoshi Kay
Because of these videos, I’ve subscribed!!! Very good content sir!!!!
Robert Hindle
Aren't Ferraris crappily put together with cheap tacky looking trim.
never own a Ferrari
lol 100 buck relay... yea anyone want to go into business with me?
Daniel Nunez
Bro 4 wheelers 3 wheelers are endlessly more dangerous than motorcycles, stay away
Ferraris are like high dollar call girls. They're nice to look at, most of the time anyway, but they cost way too much and when the wife finds out if you are like a lot of us you are in a bit of trouble.
Justin S
Be careful cheaping out on relays. Solid state relays tend to catch on fire randomly.
Andrew Houghton
Always buy the part without the Urine Extractor, I always ring the suppliers and ask them, telling them I don't need them to "Take the Piss".
Keenan Robert
Dude, we don't care about your instagram.
Cole C.
This guy looks like a dirty Adam sandler
Lady Thanos
That is a ugly dashboard
No Neck
The light that came on last time was your hood open won't go into gear if your hood is open...
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Is the Salvage Auction Ferrari's Engine Repairing my Salvage Ferrari's F1 Transmission 1 day ago   15:19

After struggling to diagnose the Salvage Auction Ferrari 360s engine misfiring issues, I finally perform a compression test, and also remove the intake manifold. Here's what I found that looks like it might be the source of our issue.

Special thanks to Ratarossa:

The Boroscope/Small Engine Bay Camera I Used:

Email Me: