Cody Parkey Misses Game Eagles Hater reaction to Cody 3 months ago   01:26

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Lee Jizzle
They gotta stop that icing Bullshit and I'm not a bear's fan
Alan Eiler
Had to disconnect my doorbell after that one!! The fact of hearing ding-dong still makes me curl up in the fetal position and makes me start to cry!!!
Whit Farlow
If you think about it,he has better accuracy than any other kicker in the NFL
Jack The MAN
The NFL is rigged.
Henry Caudillo
It's not Cody's fault
Andrew Bova
I love the Bears and White Sox, but I’ll bet that Chicago fans will treat him like the scrubs treated Bartman and ruined his life and then tried to say sorry with giving him a WS ring they won by embezzling millions from the heroin trade to help their team win a championship... truly Chicago at its finest!
Corey Mullis
Felt bad 4 the guy, that next week some sports ch, gave people who was talking trash the chance to make that kick, and not one person can do it.
Michael Banaszak
The Chicago Bears need to bring back the Honey 🐻 Bears, lol...
parker playz
Aguayo did the double doink first
It's interesting that the whistle sounded before he kicked, so why didn't he stop? You hear the first whistle, he hasn't kicked and the he kicks and the second whistle sounds.
Kill_ ZONE347
Felt like everyone opened a Pepsi 😂
Levi Stumhofer
At least you gave Vikings Fan's something to laugh at. Right?
Mike Bambur
The funny thing is that Eagles players were more surprised than excited about missing field goal.
Adam Shepherd
As a packers fan this fills my heart with joy
xander b
All I will be watching until next season
Pederson called that timeout flawlessly.
h. lloyd
LMAO DUH BARES STILL SUCK. Everybody new this would happen, and as I said so many times, these clowns were not going to play in the SB this year. It's ok tho, they still have 1985. LOL GO PACK GO
I still can’t get over it
Chris Boe
Cody Parkey shaves with Gillette
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Eagles Hater reaction to Cody Cody Parkey Misses Game 3 months ago   03:24

Eagles hater reacts to Cody Parkey missing 43 yard field goal to win the game for the Eagles. Philadelphia advances to New Orleans.