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For some, A. Bloshie is the worst place on earth. The streets are plastered with electronic scrap, chemical substances contaminate the soil, pungent smoke hangs in the air. But more than 6000 people live on Africa's most toxic rubbish tip, people whose fate begins on our doorstep.
In Europe and the USA, the commodity Mafia smuggles containers full of used electrical appliances through customs and in doing so, earns a huge share in a billion-dollar business: trade with resources and illegal scrap. Broken computers, televisions or refrigerators arrive in Ghana's harbours on a daily basis. They are stripped bare in Agbogbloshie and burned. The copper that they peel out of burning cables is worth no more than a few cents for the children of Agbogbloshie. But one day, says the young lad in the football jersey, he will buy himself a motorbike from the money and then take part in races like the pros.
The documentary, filmed in 4D, takes us on a journey to Agbogbloshie, a place in which good fortune is defined somewhat differently….

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Jammy joe
I think the used cars is a good idea to export.
Stephen Ahenkorah
The North is not entirely poor as perceived. the core problem is the mindset of the people, they need to be educated massively
1:58 Was that a coincidence when the narrator says “it’s a place with no hope” and the little boy in the green shirt ,turns around with lettering on his shirt that says “MT. Hope”?
I wonder it that “MT@ really means [empty] as in ‘Empty hopes’🤔
1:58 Was that a coincidence when the narrator says “it’s a place with no hope” and the little boy in the green shirt ,turns around with lettering on his shirt that says “MT. Hope”?
I wonder it that “MT@ really means [empty] as in ‘Empty hopes’🤔
Naming THEM
Pretty much only places Europeans dont live are toxic shitholes
Ty Johnson
these people have no brains there nothing but trouble for the planet and if they come to your country you will see what i mean all afican looking mokeys are the same
Humanity is the Toxic
Art Johnson
Ghana is almost on the equator and I hardly saw a tree the whole video, no green anywhere.
reggie bayard
The most toxic place on earth....then it shows black people who let it happen... go figure!!!
Sammy Najem
If all official employees at the Port of Tema PAY their bosses to obtain such positions in strategic places as ports, borders, etc. It goes all the way up to Ministers. So they obviously bend the laws to earn kickbacks. The problem with 3rd world countries is the EU & US who provide them with aid & finance geared on macro economic reciprocities, overlooking the trickle effect it has on the average citizen. So, the poor get poorer & sicker, while the rich get healthier & wealthier! When are YOUR countries going to look the bull straight between the eyes?
Sneaky Redneck
They need to stop having kids if they can’t take care of them. Brutal but truth. This world will never be a utopia. There will always have to be winners and losers. The rich get richer and the poor will have to revolt.
Brian Warner
Oh yea, I watched about 3/4 of this video before I realized I was tricked into watching a refrigerator and cars move around as they stated the same things over and over at every stop. I wish this video was about the 1 place and how toxic it is... :-(
Brian Warner
"Jerkily"???? Fucking retarded toddler language made up by retards in the 2,000's. Stupid Millennials and their spoiled immature retarded parents.
telena helotova
primary water its how quddaffi turned the desert into garden it is 2999 feet or belowsee debra taveres
johnny bradley
Scan deficit promotion understanding atmosphere back strict bank rule office evident toilet practically.
CR Solarice
You don't even have to think very far out of the box to find a solution to this: set up a legitimate recycling system. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. There's a pile of $$ to be made. Optimism, optimism and more optimism.
funny & cool blog
Look at diz country 😥😭😭😭 where is god. Fuck.
Martin Dodds
You can't blame the people in Africa, they want what we want, I say let them have it, what's the problem.
Empirical Exchange
You can't speak of inner-country turmoil and corruption without mentioning years of trade embargo's and restrictions. It's basic accounting - Retained earnings accrues wealth... investiture promotes industry and creates retained earnings. If you destabilize the region and inhibit growth, of course you end up with situations like this. There are historic records for the real source of the corruption. They even outlined a path to research for us. WOW.
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