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For some, A. Bloshie is the worst place on earth. The streets are plastered with electronic scrap, chemical substances contaminate the soil, pungent smoke hangs in the air. But more than 6000 people live on Africa's most toxic rubbish tip, people whose fate begins on our doorstep.
In Europe and the USA, the commodity Mafia smuggles containers full of used electrical appliances through customs and in doing so, earns a huge share in a billion-dollar business: trade with resources and illegal scrap. Broken computers, televisions or refrigerators arrive in Ghana's harbours on a daily basis. They are stripped bare in Agbogbloshie and burned. The copper that they peel out of burning cables is worth no more than a few cents for the children of Agbogbloshie. But one day, says the young lad in the football jersey, he will buy himself a motorbike from the money and then take part in races like the pros.
The documentary, filmed in 4D, takes us on a journey to Agbogbloshie, a place in which good fortune is defined somewhat differently….

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Yu Iko
Guys, real talk. We gotta end capitalism.
s bosshard
Also haben die Deutschen die Lage nicht unter Kontrolle. Beginnen wir doch einfach am Anfang der ganzen Kette. Und das produziert dann in den fernen Ländern zu mega Schrotthaufen und verseuchte Böden und giftige Verbrennungsausstösse. Hier ist Germany gefragt. Packt den scheiß endlich mal an!
wick liovan
I have seen a same documentary on big boat salvage in India. The disable a boat in country like India is cheaper than where it was made.
Roah Nosh
Narrator: Germany is the number one waste disposal country

Canada, UK, USA: Am I a Joke to You?
Roah Nosh
15:42 someone should shoot this guy's wearing ball cap
I still think Chernobyl wins the "most toxic" award......
James Nesbitt
This video reminds me of The Communist Democrat Left in America, who are so environment loving blaming the United States for pollution problems fail to realize that it is countries such as this that are causing the pollution problems of the world.
saved saved
Awesome how they repair / Rebuild the cars about resourceful
Steven Osburn
Tar Creek Superfund Site in Oklahoma is the dirtiest.
bob green
I suggest asking the golden boy to help!! What a great project for his new found ""chosen"" as his ratings will surely go up when he "fixes"this problem!! I know it's possible because can do do in a dually way as he has property that since he's been a president is Now actually worth real $ and he can simply buy a healthy place for these people to function under! And then he can show he's the real business person he's says he's purported to be. Yea yea!#nolongeraposer!💯
bob green
Horrible conditions that the modern world outs into the poor...just not right.
Irish Nurhd
Maybe phone companies shouldn't make new phones every year. Dont put blame on consumers
Miles Dyson
3:26 NO matter where your at on the Ocean, The Earth is FLAT !
"Garbage mafia"
beleta100 z
You call gana what about Drc. The capital of rape Drc s the most rich countrie. We got everything. From golf to calton and more I pass. Drc war is filled by our .
Semper Paratus
Then we should have to spend extra money on items to get it back AFTER a legitimate recycling program. Easy enough. It may cost a few hundred extra dollars, but if you get it back at the end of its life then this will solve many problems.
Semper Paratus
Been to Ghana before, never again.
Hank Jones
And just who set up this system of consumerism?
I hope that kid gets his motorbike someday
Hugo Castro sv
what a real shit hole
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Being Lost In The Jungle Sent The most toxic place on earth 10 months ago   48:04

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