Football Dropped Before Touchdown Top 5 Worst Plays Of All Time | NFL 12 months ago   04:05

Football's Best
Here is a video full of multiple times football players forgot to bring the football into the end zone with them
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Nao Ohno
Stupidity is the key.
Greg Langlois
Interesting that all the bonehead plays were performed by black guys. Just a coincidence?
When Utah dropped the ball, Oregon picked it up as a fumble and scored while they were partying. Lol
I couldn't really see the last one, if he dropped it early or not. but the rest of them are funny for sure.
Dan Woodwick
1:00 if Reggie "blind" Smith can make that call right why couldn't he get a obvious fumble call right in 2015 with the Rattlers and SaberCats.
First time I ever saw this happen involved Dave Hampton of the Packers in the early seventies. I'm old.
Fecxor Fecxor
These are frustrating to watch. Celebrate and showboat once you’re IN the goddamn end zone.
John Ambriz
Y is this funny to me
The Notre Dame one counted lol. I remember being so pissed.
All black
Coulter Gill
I don’t think the first one should have been called. Also the last one is my fav because I am a Coug
bwahahaha !
Negros love to show off.
Chris Breezy
Just goes to show you, even stable genius can get into college.
Trying to be cool but failing.

Coolness is crossing the goal line with the ball. :D
chris gast
When will stupid players ever learn not to let go of the ball prematurely???
Robert Ridley
The dalvin cook play doesn't belong
Cody Martin
Love seeing these ignorant men do this.
Kerisiano Tuaniga
First off why did Texas Tech keep the ball if he fumbled it out of the end zone that’s automatic the other teams ball
Before this video predictions- Desean Jackson and Kaelin Clay
To bad you didn’t show the last one to its conclusion, because an Oregon player picked up the “fumble” and ran it back 100 yards for a touchdown. What should’ve been a 14-0 Utah lead became a 7-7 tie. That play resulted in 24 unanswered points for the #4 Ducks who ended up beating the 17th ranked Utes 51-27. That one play changed the entire game.
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Top 5 Worst Plays Of All Time | NFL Football Dropped Before Touchdown 12 months ago   04:33

Top 5 Worst Plays Of All Time | NFL
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5 - "The Butt Fumble"

4 - Colts Fake Punt

3 - Desean Jackson goal line blunder

2 - Dolphins Kicker Throws like a kicker

1 - Jim Marshall run wrong way after fumble

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