CD / Aspect Ratio Floating City DEBUNK 3 months ago   03:12

Captain Disillusion
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(2:50) Claiming 16:9 gives you more room than 4:3 is an illusion, and you should know that, Captain Disillusion.
It's not the aspect ratio that determines how much space you have, but rather the shapes and sizes of your elements.

The reason why 16:9 usually feels like it has more room on 16:9 screens, is because the screens are 16:9. The best aspect ratio for a 16:9 screen is 16:9, and using the wrong aspect ratio is wasted space. So a 4:3 video would have more room when expanded to 16:9 to fill with graphics and such. But a 16:9 video would give more room when expanded to 4:3 on a 4:3 screen, because there are wasted space on a 4:3 screen when displayed in 16:9.
Me watching this on a 4:3 screen with black bars on top and bottom:

Am I a joke to you?
I only comment No srsly
16:9 69... Wowwwwww...
Louis Reynolds
4:3 was better, it matches our binocular field of view sans the extreme peripheral vision
not even in 21:9 wtf
Are CDs eyes different colours, or am I seeing things that aren’t there?
0:23 nice
16:9 and don't ask again
Deady DeadSh0t
This video made me feel so unsafe that I don’t know what aspect ratio the video is.
0:55 I loved my 4:3 Microwaves
Meh, actual intelligent people know that 32:18 is the best ratio...idiots...
Camilo Wea
soy haeter
حلاتي بضحكاتي
عباااااااس انا ساااااره 😭😭😭
Iakov Zhitomirskiy / Ladingru
Why aren't our screens just 1 to the square root of 2 like the european paper standard?
Victor Prokop
So what's up with this CD series? Is it replacing the original series?
rob mausser
I thought most widescreen movies used a special lens to squash the entire widescreen aspect ratio onto the 35mm frame, and then the reverse lens was used to playback and "stretch" it out again. Known as an anamorphic lens. This was better than cropping as the full 35mm frame was used to capture the image, and thus you weren't losing quality. Thus, I cant imagine very many movies had the ability to show more of the frame for 4:3.
vedo94 x
I find 16:10 to be perfect with resolutions like 1920×1200
Its just perfect for games and movies and having extra pixels helps to drop subtitles.
The problem is Ultra-wide 21:9 or 2.39:1 Its just ridiculous and expensive and not everyone is gonna be able to buy a tv, laptop or a pc monitor in that aspect ratio.
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Floating City DEBUNK CD / Aspect Ratio 3 months ago   08:17

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