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Cd / Aspect Ratio | Floating City Debunk - At Up-Tube.com

CD / Aspect Ratio Floating City DEBUNK 6 months ago   03:12

Captain Disillusion
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• Intro - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/E4fS0ZG1GTZ
• Frame Rate - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/QldwGMUEqEf
• Resolution - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/1haxyhlu2Xf
• Interlacing - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/1Lwn9z1Yh6Z

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gameingwith hyperLT
1:45 it says tu be *my head* OR NOT TO BE
Samdaboss Gaming
Let’s be real, 16:9 > 4:3
Elijah Ken
quentin tarantino just squeezed you at the first didn't he?
Pretty much everyone: Everything should be 16:9 since it's the standard

Manufacturers: New 21:9 monitors! Great for movies and gaming!

"Ok cool everything else just looks bad on those"

Phone manufacturers: Introducing new phones! Now available in 18:9, 19:9, 19.5:9 and 20:9

Everyone: .....
Tripwire Gamer
*laughs in 8:5*
Jack Black
Eh, if I am actually paying attention to the aspect ratio then what I am watching is just not fun enough.
Foot Lettuce
I literally died at 0:48
Ha, and I have to pinch zoom on my 2 year old 2:1 phone.
Dethcube Gaming
With newer android phones and iphones, there are so many videos being uploaded today that don't even switch to that aspect ratio, its annoying
noah morgera
what movies did he show at 2:20 ?
Yeet on my feet
0:24 _cheeky little 69 joke_
Why not just make all videos a circle?
Nard Cubes
Why does he wear that silver makeup? :)
I hate people that try to convert the aspect ratio by just adding black bars. When the video is 4:3, let it be 4:3 and do not force it to 16:9. My 2nd display is 4:3 and such videos look just weird.
2:1 is gay change my mind
Armor Matty
i don't know why but i love it how he gets cut off mid sentence
Hey Siri
Watching this on my 4:3 iPad
Ninja Jaden
Fallen Spike
I think 21:9 or even wider would be good...
Nerk Durgen
16:9 is the perfect aspect ratio, 4:3 is too narrow, 1:1 is just *wrong,* and vertical is objectively the worst.
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Floating City DEBUNK CD / Aspect Ratio 6 months ago   08:17

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