Open Innovation and Disruptive Technology VUCA: How to Succeed in a Chaotic World 3 months ago   03:01

California Management Review
Computer networks have ushered in a new era of collaborative innovation. Decentralization will allow breakthrough ideas to emerge from around the world, and the open innovation model can help companies integrate those ideas into their businesses.

Based on the article "Open Innovation: Research, Practices, and Policies" by Marcel Bogers, Henry Chesbrough, and Carlos Moedas.

Learn more about open innovation in our latest special section, California Management Review Volume 60, Issue 2:

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VUCA: How to Succeed in a Chaotic World Open Innovation and Disruptive Technology 3 months ago   02:21

Planning for the future is never easy. This is especially true in today’s world, where the unpredictable and unexpected have become the norm. VUCA is an acronym that stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity.

California Management Review Volume 61, Issue 1 (Fall 2018)

Read Carla C. J. M. Millar, Olaf Groth, and John F. Mahon's introduction to the special section, "Management Innovation in a VUCA World: Challenges and Recommendations" at:

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