Top 100 Goals Scored by Legendary Football Ronaldo ► All 15 World Cup GOALS ◄ RECORD 1 month ago   26:58

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Top 100 Goals Scored by Legendary Football Players ft. Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, Diego Maradona etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!

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A slightly modified version of the recently blocked video with 2 million views. Enjoy!
Volodymyr Yurechko
only true Ronaldo got 2 goals in that compilation =)
Agripina Mendieta
What was the music in 100 best saves since it was copyrighted by uefa

Sorry if i had bad grammar
Tony Melgar
Dude,you should have Ronaldhino's solo goal against Madrid. Good video tho. I'm liking the different angles on some of these goals by the way.
Adham Alshoofi
Ronaldinho goal was crazy 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿
Osby Kovboy
Victor Rodriguez
Great video, but what do you think about that goals?
Simone Baroni
Simply notelicioux💯🤙
Andres Manuel Herzog
Faltó el golazo de Messi al Real Madrid en semifinales de UCL o en la final de copa del rey vs Athletic Bilbao.
Buen video brother y me sorprendió ver el gol de Cubillas en el top, orgullo como peruano.
Saludos desde Perú
ignacio ortiz valdes
No chile?
Baggio che converge, Baggio,Baggio, finta di Baggio, il tiro... grandissimo gol di Baggio!
Matias Bueno
Luis suarez? Also, not enough messi, basically, you could put most his goals up here cause so many of them are crazy as hell and none of these other players could score them
David M22
Si hubiera seguido existiendo Yugoslavia. El fútbol seria otro muy distinto. Yugoslavia tendría la mejor selección del mundo
Thibaut Fruhinsholz
Is it me or Pavard's screamer v. Argentina was not included even though it was on the thumbnail? Or just useless shameless clickbait?
Hagi legendary? XDDDDDD Good but not a legend
Как всегда великолепно, спасибо, что включил в видео Лэмпарда, это мой любимый футболист.
''Here is Messi, away from 2,3,4.. wonderful wonderful wonderful, how good is he''??
Tony Montana
İ wish to saw,rooney give a pass from middle zone to robin. Vs aston villa.
Kenneth Haigh
sebastian acosta
Y James y falcao no tienes muy en cuenta a los colombianos top
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Ronaldo ► All 15 World Cup GOALS ◄ RECORD Top 100 Goals Scored by Legendary Football 1 month ago   10:17

All 15 World-Cup goals from Ronaldo = World Cup Record

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