Vegan Grocery Vlog + Talking HOW DOES A VEGAN DIET AFFECT 5 months ago   11:36

rachel rose diary
We visited Vegan Space, a cute little vegan grocery store in the Itaewon area to start preparing for my new lifestyle change! Later I talk about some of my observations regarding alternative diets in Seoul, and how accessible or tricky it can be to maneuver around eating out.

The best way to assure something is cooked according to your dietary preference is to cook at home, but that's almost impossible for students and hard enough for any other adult in a typical Korean apartment (tiny kitchen!!!!) so it's nice to have some Korean phrases under your belt for when you're out and about!!!

10Mag's Article (veg/vegan restaurant suggestions + Korean phrases) ~

Say hi to Vegan Space!

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Do you have any advice for anyone on an alternative diet eating in Seoul?
- rachel

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Simone Ninas
This is so interesting. Good to know where to shop when you’re on a special diet!
Kirsten Corbett
Yes, buckwheat is meant to be super good!! I have tried buckwheat pasta and spaghetti- meant to be really good at balancing your hormones! (Something my and my fucked-up endocrine system needs πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I’d recommend watching a few of YourNutritionCure β€˜s videos, I am subscribed to a lot of nutritionists on youtube. And in my opinion, even though she primarily specialises in hormone balancing, she provides very sound advice and even β€œfull day of eating” videos which are really informative!!!
Denise R
I feel your pain with not being able to find ingredients... I have started on a year long cooking journey with making Korean food. The nearest Korean grocery store is a 62mi round trip and it’s small so it can’t carry everything.....Amazon...gingsen...$33.99 for 8 roots (American White)...sigh! Side note...almond flour and a cheap electric coffee grinder (0:
Victoria Morgan
Ahaha. Love the call out to the magpies. XD and I enjoy the encouragement outro.
Victoria Morgan
Great placement of the ad again!
Victoria Morgan
There is definitely a different brand of Chinese food that is American. Orange chicken is one of my favorite things and it is not authentic Chinese food. XD
Victoria Morgan
Yeees thank you for doing this! A lot of people aren't talking about this.
rachel rose diary
Andy wasn't paying attention, and it IS shrimp that is used in SOME kimchi fermentation (not all) and anchovy is NOT used for kimchi soup, but it is still widely used for flavor in other soups. He is also worried about misrepresenting Korean food history and wants to emphasize that he is not an expert~ EDIT: ALSO people have already listed other alternatives below that I totally missed, so check those out!!!!!
Ooh that looks like an amazing little place(Vegan space)! Thank goodness they have oatly milk! I love the vegemil milk that they do in convenience stores too- the almond and walnut is my favourite
_Rojin_ 14_
Hi from Vienna πŸ˜‡πŸ‘‹
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HOW DOES A VEGAN DIET AFFECT Vegan Grocery Vlog + Talking 5 months ago   23:14


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